There have been exciting changes to the Australian domain landscape since 2015. One of them was the introduction of .au domains. And recently, .au Domain Administration (auDA) — the governing body for .au domains — announced that .au direct domains will become available to the public from 24 March 2022. 

This will allow businesses, organisations, and individuals with a local connection to Australia to register a .au direct domain instead of second-level .au extensions, such as,, etc.   

.au is simple and easy to remember. It’s the ideal domain for businesses to boost their local presence and grow their customer base in Australia. 

Why Pre-register for .au Direct Domain? 

How to register a .au direct domain_

If you’re new in the .au domain namespace and planning to register a direct .au domain, it’s best to register a second level .au domain today before the .au direct launch. 

That’s because existing .au domain owners are automatically eligible to apply for a Priority Status Allocation. This means they get first in line privilege to register the matching .au direct domain of their existing domain. So, if you own, you’re eligible to apply for a priority status for 

How to apply for a priority status? 

Qualified registrants will have six months after the launching of .au direct domains to apply for a priority status via any accredited registrar. 

Here are some important things to remember when processing your application: 

  • Prepare your domain password. 
  • Make sure your registrant information is up-to-date.   

Why Register a Direct .au Domain?

Secure your trademark

Secure your trademark

Already purchased a second-level domain? Get the equivalent direct .au domain.  

This will save you from trademark issues and will help you secure your brand identity. Also, it will prevent someone from snatching your hard-earned traffic through that domain name

Get found online more easily

Get found online more easily

.au domain is short, easy to type, and memorable, making it easier and quicker for users to reach you. So instead of having a, you can now shorten it to 

It also helps you boost your local online presence, putting you higher on search engine rankings whenever a customer makes a local search.  

Promote your Australian roots

Promote your Australian roots

AU is a term that’s already close to the heart of the Aussies. Seeing it on your web address will give a credible and professional impression to your target customers. It shows your commitment to the local community.  

So, whether you’re a restaurant, brewery, travel agency, tech startup, consultant, ecommerce store, or entertainment company, .au is the ideal domain for any Australia-based business. 

.au FAQs

au FAQs_

Am I eligible for the new .au direct domain?

To be eligible, you must have a local connection to Australia. This means you are a citizen or permanent resident, or an organisation registered in Australia. This often includes owning an Australian trademark or having an application for one if you are a foreign business, or having an Australian Business Number (ABN) or Australian Company Number (ACN) if you’re a local business. 

 To learn more about the .au direct domains, you can visit the auDA website. 

What can I do to secure my ideal .au direct domain?

Ensure that you have an existing second-level .au domain under your name and that it adheres to the Priority Allocation eligibility and distribution rules. Apply for a priority status during the 30 days period after the launching of .au direct domain names on 24 March 2022. 

 You can get a chance to apply early during Crazy Domains’ pre-registration period which will be launching soon! 

How long will my .au direct domain purchased under the Priority Allocation be valid?

If your domain name is granted through the Priority Application Process, you are entitled to use it for a year. After the first license period, you can renew your domain name license for up to five years. 

Grow your Australian business with .au

Registering a .au domain name gets you online effectively and sets you apart from the competition.  

While waiting for the direct .au launch, you can register a domain under the .au family here. Eligibility rules apply.