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How to renew a domain name

There are several ways you can renew your domain name.

  1. By Email - Click the link within your renewal reminder email and follow the express renewal process.
  2. Account Manager - Login to your Account Manager and consolidate and renew your domains manually.
  3. Express - Enter your domain in the renewal box for a quick stream line renewal process.

Renewing a domain after expiry

Every domain type is set by registry rules. Domains such as .com, .net, and .org will fall into grace period allowing you to renew the domain without additional fees.

Other domains, for example primarily country code domains (ccTLDs), require a redemption fee, plus a renewal fee to keep the domain name active.

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Don't lose your domain
Switch to auto-renew

For the ultimate level of domain security, Crazy Domains offers an auto-renewal feature which will automatically register your domain name when it is due for renewal.

Simply switch your domains to auto-renewal within your account manager or active it during first registration, transfer or renewal. We'll take care of your renewals so you don't lose a thing.

We accept all payment options

Crazy Domains offers flexible payment options for all domain renewal and registration services.


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Your Questions, Our Answers

How to Renew Domain name registration?

A web identity is created descriptively in order to attract and catch customers in the easiest way possible. That’s why choosing a perfect name as an address for your website is both rough and challenging. Also, more entrepreneurs are investing online, and most competitive domains are already credited to another registrant. For example, bestweddinggowns.com or qualityfurnitures.biz are surely eye-catching, but already owned by another registrant.

Domains play a significant role for your website and emails to help you stay consistent and connected to your clients and target customers. Most registrars offer an auto -renewal feature to ease your burden of the manual process. Using this feature, you can renew domain names in a hassle-free manner.

This feature at Crazy Domains Australia automatically secures your domain when it’s due for redemption. If you also wish to transfer your domains to us, we can help you transfer it right away.

Why do you need to redeem names before expiration?


A web address is an official identity that shapes the general impression of your website and validity of your business. Domain renewal is one good way to preserve and, at the same time, maintain an authentic identity that your business is well-known for.


Nowadays, registrars are offering more advanced features to lend a helping hand to renew domains. Take, for example, auto renewal and licensed transfers. These features are all possible to give clients a more convenient option to redeem names that are essential to the development of the business. These will also help you update your accounts and contact your clients efficiently. In addition, there's no need to process the renewal in the office manually because these features are modernised, convenient and authorised.

Price and competition

You may not realise it yet, but more and more registrants are interested to purchase the name you have strived hard to establish as the trademark of your business. The more days you wait before renewing, the more competitors can take advantage of your web identity. How to renew domain name registration is a simple procedure to follow, hence be careful not to overlook important redemption dates and payment liabilities.

At Crazy Domains, we support your renewal with our dependable system and cheap prices. We submit notifications to your email to prepare you ahead of time. We want to make sure that as long as you are committed to your web identity, we help you redeem it in one hit.

What to consider before getting cheap Domain Renewal

There are plenty registrars that offer cheap domain renewal costs. Not just renewal services but generally, including other technical services such as registration, backorder, web hosting, email hosting, etc. Before completely relying on registrars who can answer your “how to renew my domain name” questions, be careful to pick a registrar that’s legal and have rendered excellent services across multiple clients in the business industry.

Choose a registrar that’s dependable in management and an expert in delivering services to a large customer population. Our domain name renewal prices at Crazy Domains Australia are both competitive and cheap. We also do not just offer services, but we make sure our products have quality assurance. You can contact us to know more about our company, products and services.

What are the benefits of Domain Renewal?


Your web name is the foundation of your brand, your audience and identity of your business. After registration, the redemption stage is often an overlooked process. Yet, it plays an imperative role in the progress of a business or organisation. Although not all registrars offer cheapest domain renewal, purchasing renewal service can help you maintain an authentic identity for your business.

The application in web name registration may be easy, but the process especially in securing an ideal name is complex plus, you don’t know the size or number of the competitors awaiting to register the same name you have in mind.

Marketing reinforcement

Losing your web domain means also losing all the services associated with it, including your website, emails, etc. Renewal of websites is not easy, especially if your competitor registers your name after you fail to renew it. Finding an authentic name is not a walk in the park because eCommerce business is growing increasingly competitive. Nevertheless, think thoroughly before dropping your web names because your registration in the online community is not easy to regain once it’s lost.

Brand recognition

Whether your domain South Australia is locally registered or you are aiming to expand internationally, you cannot risk losing your customer’s trust. That’s why, renewing your name will maintain the online authenticity and consistency that your customers are expecting from you. Your business is expanding, and as more clients discover your products, their expectations soar as well.

Domain Name Renewal is an easy process that will help carry out all your business goals.