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Domain Name

Get ready to launch your online presence with a new, shorter Australian domain name.
A shorter, more memorable way to bring your Australian business online
Connect with Straya and the rest of the world with the newest .au domain. Now you can register your business name, brand, or organisation right before the .au TLD (example:
.AU Domain pre-register intro
Why do I need .AU Domain?
Improve your local search rankings
Drive more site traffic by increasing your visibility on local search engine rankings.
Stamp for credibility and trust
Enhance your brand’s authenticity within the local market and the rest of the world.
Unique, concise, and memorable
Stay top of mind among customers with a web address that’s easier to remember and type.
Don’t have a domain yet?
Register with any of the existing .au namespaces now before your competitors do and be eligible for the new .au.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the .au direct domain and,,

.au direct domains work the same way as and the other existing .au namespaces. However, these namespaces are intended for specific use only. For example, are exclusive for non-profit entities while are for accredited educational institutions.

The .au direct domain names, on the other hand are available for general use. Anyone with a local connection to Australia will be eligible to apply from 24 March 2022 onwards. The biggest advantage you get with a shorter domain extension is that it’s unique and memorable.

How can I pre-register for .au direct?

Pre-registration is open until 23 March 2022 to eligible members who are qualified to apply; however, eligible members must make the advance payment to pre-register. Crazy Domains accepts 1-year to up to 5-year pre-registration for each domain during this period. We will register pre-registered domain names on the launch day, and if you purchase any other products attached to the new .au domain, they will be registered simultaneously.

Only domain names that are currently eligible to be registered on launch day without issue will be listed for pre-registration. In contrast, domain names that are not listed might be conflicted and have to go through a separate registration process that we will be launching soon. For more info, please contact us here.

If you’re eyeing a specific web address for your website with any of the existing .au extensions and haven’t registered it yet, we highly recommend you do it now. Domains are constantly in high demand, and you wouldn’t want anyone else claiming your brand identity. Plus, gain early access to pre-register the matching .au domain name.

Register for domains under the other .au extensions here.

Can I pre-register for .au direct with Crazy Domains if my existing domain is registered with other registrars?

Suppose you are the owner of domains associated with any of the existing .au namespaces. In that case, you can simply transfer your current domains to Crazy Domains, which you will then be eligible to pre-register the new .au direct with us, and we will take care of the registration for you on the launch day.

What is “Priority Allocation” for existing domain owners?

On the launch of the .au direct name this coming March 2022, registrants with existing .au domains (including but not limited to:,,, etc.) will be able to apply for Priority Status to register their equivalent .au direct domain.

Under the Priority Allocation process, names registered under the Australian registry prior to .au direct launch will be automatically reserved during the six-month Priority Allocation period, which starts from the .au launch date on 24 March 2022.

You will be able to license the exact matching name of your existing .au domain name with an accredited registrar like Crazy Domains for eligible registrants.

How much will the new .au domains cost?

The new .au domain will be priced at $21.99 per year.

Who can apply for a .au direct name?

Businesses, individuals, or organisations that meet the auDA licensing rules can apply. The general requirements include being a citizen or permanent resident or a legal organisation registered in Australia.

You can prove your Australian presence with the following documents:

  • Australian Driver's License.
  • Australian Passport.
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate.
  • Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Australian Company Number (ACN).
  • Australian Trademark Application or Registration.