If you are a business owner, you understand how difficult it is to find a suitable name for your business. While your business name should be easy to pronounce and memorable, it is equally important to choose a relevant and apt domain name for your business website. Should I buy a dot com domain for my business or look for other alternatives? What does a dot com domain mean? Finding answers to these questions is crucial to establishing a solid digital presence.  

“What’s in a domain name”? If you think it isn’t a big deal, think again. A domain name offers a glimpse into what a business is all about. For instance, the .com domain name highlights the commercial nature of the business. Similarly, a .ai extension suggests that the company is involved or associated with artificial intelligence (AI).  

Today, we will explore why and when you should use the .com domain name for your business. Does using a .com domain impact your website’s SEO? Read on to learn about the dot com domain and why .com is still the king of domain names.  

What Does .com Website Mean and First Domain Registrations

Before we look at the benefits of using a .com domain name, we must first understand what a .com website means.  

Launched in 1985, the dot com domain is one of the first top-level domains to ever exist. While the objective was to make it easier to identify commercial organisations, it was open for public use in the 1990s during the explosive growth of the Internet. You may have already guessed that “com” stands for commercial. Today, around 161.3 million websites use .com, making it the most used top-level domain worldwide.  

Here’s some interesting trivia. The first .com website was registered by a computer company called Symbolics from Massachusetts in March 1985 and it was called symbolics.com. This is almost six years before the launch of the Internet or the World Wide Web.  

Is the .COM TLD the Best Domain for a Business? 

Whether a dot com TLD is the best domain for your business or not depends on the nature of your business. For instance, the .com TLD is a great choice.  if you are an online marketplace or a commercial entity without any focus on a particular region. If you are in the AI space, .ai is a more suitable domain for your business.  

While educational institutions can opt for the .edu domain, non-profits can use .org to indicate their non-commercial identity. Many businesses that offer internet, web hosting, and collaboration tools use .net, which essentially stands for network.  

In a nutshell, although the .com TLD is the most used domain extension worldwide, it is important to choose a domain extension that aligns with your organisation’s mission, values, and brand identity.  

Is .COM Good for my Website’s SEO?  

The simple answer to this question is that a TLD does not influence your website’s SEO. Even Google has consistently maintained that TLD does not matter if your website is legit, contains relevant information, and adds value.  

SEO experts suggest going with the .com TLD since it is popular, and most users are familiar with it. That said, it does not impact your website’s SEO, so it is essential to use an industry-specific TLD to improve your brand’s credibility.  

How Can I Register a . COM Website?

Registering a website with a .com TLD is straightforward and takes seconds. Find a trusted and reliable domain registrar like Crazy Domains for a hassle-free experience.  

Here’s how you can register a .com website with Crazy Domains.  

Step 1 

Use our website finder tool to enter your desired domain name. The tool will suggest whether the domain name is already in use or available.  

Step 2 

Select a suitable domain name with a .com TLD and add it cart.  

Step 3 

Enter your details including your business name, address, and other information to proceed. 

Step 4 

Enter your payment details to complete the transaction and register your .com website.  

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Benefits of Dot-Com Domains

We have established that there aren’t many technical benefits of buying a dot-com domain. However, it does not mean that there aren’t any benefits at all.  

Look at some of the most glaring advantages of using dot-com.  

  • .com domain name is trustworthy

People with limited knowledge of how the tech world works may not trust websites with other extensions. Since .com is more familiar, they trust websites that use the TLD .com.  

  • Authoritative

A dot-com website is generally perceived as more authoritative and serious compared to those with other TLDs. Ask yourself which website sounds more authoritative to you between the two; bestcars.com or bestcars. xyz.  

  • Recall value

Are you still wondering why .com domain? Here’s another advantage. Since users are more familiar with dot-com, it is easier to remember dot-com websites compared to those that use other extensions.  

Parting Notes

We hope you know what an internet domain is by now and why the .com domain continues to assert dominance in the web world. Although the dot-com TLD is one of the most popular extensions in the world, you must use it only if it aligns with your brand’s identity.  

Today, many businesses are opting for other industry-specific TLDs including .io, ai, net, .org, and more to build credibility and establish authority in that niche. Pick a TLD that is unique, relevant, brandable, and outlines your brand’s identity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are .com domains so popular?  

The .com domains are popular due to their longevity and recall value. One of the main reasons why .com is popular is because it was launched in 1985, well before other TLDs existed. Therefore, users are familiar with it and more accustomed to websites with dot-com.  

What is the use of .com domain?  

The .com domain primarily indicates the commercial nature of a business. It notifies users that the company is a commercial entity.  

Is it difficult to find an available .com domain? 

Although finding a suitable .com domain may get tricky due to its immense popularity, you can find an apt dot-com domain for your business by considering other TLDs including .io, ai, .net, .org, and more.  

Can I use a .com domain for my local business?  

Yes, you can use a .com domain for your local business if it aligns with your brand’s voice, services, products, and identity.