Going online is the new normal for entrepreneurs. With millions of businesses operating in the Australian market, it’s crucial to stand out from the competition. 

Win the heart of the Aussie market with .com.au. It’s familiar, professional, and shows your dedication to your local customers. 

Grow your Australian-based business. Here’s how you can benefit from registering a .com.au domain.

Why register a .com.au domain?

1. Instantly establish online credibility


Australian customers trust .au websites. 

AU just hits home  it means home. Thus, seeing the .com.au extension on your web address signals familiarity and professionalism. 

This also means you’re more likely to have customers providing you with accurate personal information, letting you serve their needs better. 

2. Get found easily


.com.au is the most popular domain extension in the Australian domain landscape. Your fellow Aussies will likely be looking for it when searching for products and services online. 

Despite the ever-increasing market of new names, more Australians prefer .au domains over generic alternatives than ever before. 

At last count, more than 3 million .au domains have been registered – placing .com.au within the top 10 of all country codes globally by volume. 

3. Get strong security


auDA – the governing body for the .au domain space  is keeping a closer attention on the security of .au domains. This is due to the rising number of cyberattacks during these past troubling months.  

Fortunately.com.au domains are protected by stringent security measures to safeguard Australian internet usersIt also preserves the integrity of the Australian internet landscape. 

4. Makes the best alternative to your .com


Is your ideal .com domain already taken? This is no surprise with over a hundred million .com domain registrations worldwide. 

Get the equivalent .com.au domain. It bests promotes your Australian business, giving you greater conversions and a more targeted reachIt also offers lesser competition than registering widely used .com domains. 

5. Helps boost your local search ranking


Having a .com.au domain name tells search engines you have a business operating in Australia. Thus, ranking you higher on local searches. 

So, when someone conducts a Google search in Australia, using .com.au domain name indicates that your website is relevant and authentic. 

Win the Australian market with .com.au

Easily redirect your Aussie customers to your website with .com.au. It’s shorteasy to remember, and best represents Australian businesses and organisations online. 

Lastly, don’t let your .com.au domain go to waste. Make the most of it by choosing a domain name that best speaks for your brand.