Sydney and Melbourne are prominent cities in Australia⁠ — both attracting millions of tourists every year.

Sydney is popular for its breathtaking beaches and its prestigious Opera House. As for Melbourne, it’s known for its cultural diversity, history, and street art!

It’s not a coincidence that these major cities are a must-visit. So if you’re running an enterprise or a startup in either city, put it on the online map with a .sydney domain or .melbourne domain.


.Melbourne And .Sydney

Both domains strengthen your connection with the cities’ locals and tourists.

These domains help people find your business online — fast.

Let’s say you own a surf shop website based in Sydney. When users Google “surf shop in Sydney”, you have higher chances of coming out on top of search results with a .sydney extension.

You can even get creative in naming your domains, such as or!

Either way, both domains are memorable, localised, and made for different industries. Find out if your local business makes the cut.

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The first — and the most obvious — sector that can benefit from a .sydney or .melbourne domain is the tourism industry.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, millions of tourists visit the cities every year. Because of that, the same people are also searching online for places to stay, where to rent a car, or hire a tour guide.

If you provide the exact services, let them find you first.

Whether you own a hostel in Sydney or offer transportation in Melbourne, customers will find you fast with either a .sydney or .melbourne domain extension.



Entrepreneurs in the education industry can also use .sydney and .melbourne.

Registering these domains help promote your institution or learning centre to the local community. Your site also appears in front of interested enrollees located halfway across the world.

So don’t get surprised if you experience a surge of applications after establishing your domain.

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Food and Beverage

A trip to any of these cities will never be complete without tasting their local cuisines.

If you believe your pizza hub is a must-try in Melbourne, get found by tourists and Melburnians quicker with a .melbourne domain. This goes the same for pubs and cafe owners.

Planning to expand your pizza hub to Sydney? Then get its equivalent .sydney version!

Arts and Recreation

Arts and Recreation

While some yearn to experience the fun and energy in a city, others prefer to explore its quiet side. Art museums, gardens, and parks are places people go to reflect and marvel at the beauty of a city.

If you own a small museum in Australia’s culture capital or a flower garden in Sydney, secure their local domains for better online visibility before someone else will.



Finally, .sydney and .melbourne can widen the market for freelancers.

Corporations are hiring freelancers for flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and increased productivity. In fact, 10% of Australia’s workforce are freelancers, with the numbers expected to rise each year.

Whether you’re a freelance writer, designer, or IT specialist, both domains help you get multiple queries from different corporations in those locales.

Stand Out in a Sea of .au Domains

By going for localised domains such as a .sydney or .melbourne domain, you tell tourists where you are — and show locals that you’re just around the corner.

Promote, connect, and start localising your business website with a .sydney and a .melbourne domain today.