Companies are always on the hunt to make their brand come across as favourable and good in front of their target audience, which is one of the primary reasons why many companies of all sizes invest in marketing, product innovations, and technology advancements.

While these investments are crucial for business growth, many businesses today see philanthropy as a means to help build a positive image of their brand in front of their target buyers. Apart from this, in today’s highly competitive business world, implementing corporate philanthropy can reap benefits beyond imagination. Many companies who have embraced corporate philanthropy as a part of their business have noticed it bringing multiple benefits such as increased customer loyalty, improved brand awareness, increased employee engagement, and increased sales. 

These benefits have turned corporate philanthropy and charitable initiatives into corporate imperatives, essential for doing business today.

How Corporate Philanthropy Adds Meaning To Your Company

how .sbs adds meaning to your company

The top-most priority for any business is to bring in more and more revenue. However, having a vision and duty that goes beyond just profit and helps communities and societies flourish gives a sense of purpose to your business. Implementing philanthropic initiatives and working towards giving to your community will motivate you to do better and work harder. This motivation will then reflect in your products, services, employees, customers, and stakeholders. Having a reason that can provide you with a greater sense of purpose will fuel innovation, build a positive impact, and lead to business growth.

When you incorporate corporate philanthropy, it is essential to market it so that the world sees your charitable initiatives and gets to know more about them and your company. One way to do so and reach a larger audience is to have a strong online presence. A short, smart and innovative domain name can work wonders in building a strong online presence for your business.

It’s safe to say that a thoughtful and impactful domain name with .sbs is all you need to take your philanthropic initiatives online.

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What Is .sbs

.sbs is a short, innovative, and thoughtful three-letter domain extension acronym for ‘Side by Side.’ Being positioned towards forward-thinking organizations, individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses who work towards doing good for themselves and others side by side.

The primary purpose behind .sbs is to cultivate unbiased views and bring together numerous organizations, companies, and welfare associations to work for a common goal and strengthen multiple societies and communities.

Who Is The Target Audience For .sbs

target audience for .sbs

.sbs targets forward-thinking organizations, corporates, enterprises, entrepreneurs, professionals, social welfare groups, and so on, who work to better themselves, bring about positive change, and do good for their communities and society side by side.

Also, social welfare enterprises, community groups, nonprofit organizations, and activists working towards raising awareness about a specific cause can use .sbs to amplify their voices online.

Even progressive solopreneurs and entrepreneurs wanting to engage in society and financial inclusion can benefit from .sbs. The domain extension is also suitable for multinational corporations, companies, and organizations who wish to use their influence to promote the growth of smaller businesses and social groups.

Furthermore, if you are a blogger or working adult who handles multiple tasks simultaneously, you can use .sbs to showcase your multitasking abilities online.

What Makes .sbs A Great Choice For Philanthropic Initiatives

Many factors contribute to making .sbs the perfect choice for businesses wanting to promote their philanthropic initiatives online. Here’s a compiled list of a few of them.

It’s Short And Smart

.sbs is a simple, three-letter, thoughtful domain extension. Being short makes names with .sbs stand out and highly brandable to promote your business’s philanthropic initiatives online.

It’s Thoughtful And Impactful 

.sbs is a creative abbreviation for ‘Side by Side.’ Domain names paired with .sbs are different, impactful, and intriguing to anyone who comes across them. For example,, which means helping side by side.

It’s Reinforcing And Trustworthy 

.sbs has been well-positioned to support charitable activities and do good for communities and societies, enabling .sbs to instil trust in your audience and reinforce your values of honesty and commitment. A name with .sbs will symbolize your desire for corporate success as well as your commitment towards helping and uplifting individuals and communities side by side.

It’s Meaningful And Memorable 

Being a short and smart domain extension makes .sbs unique and impactful. A name with .sbs will be highly memorable and meaningful. It’s because, being a new domain extension, you can register a name of your choice, and the positioning of .sbs will draw the attention of your audience towards your brand.

It’s Generic And Free From Restrictions 

The .sbs domain extension is suitable for any business, brand, individual, or charitable organization wanting to build a powerful online presence for its philanthropic endeavours. .sbs is free of any sort of regional, linguistic, or industry-specific barriers.

How To Name Your Business With .sbs

name your business with a .sbs domain

Here are some ideas to help you come up with an innovative and one-of-a-kind domain name for your philanthropic initiative using .sbs:

  • (e.g. 
  • (e.g. 
  • (e.g. 
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.

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Grow your business with a .sbs domain 

Corporate philanthropy should be more just a means of enhancing your company’s image. It should be regarded as a primary avenue for a business to prosper.

The .sbs domain extension allows you to build your business commercially while also helping communities and societies to grow and prosper. The .sbs domain extension is now live and open for registrations!

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