A survey presented that 50% of Australians shopped more online compared to before the pandemic. As of FY 2021, 9.1 million households participated in online purchases. This shows that a wave of Australians is warming up to digital marketplaces and may permanently shift to this model.

If you’re a budding ecommerce retailer, you’re headed in the right direction. There’s one crucial factor though: choosing the best platform to market your products or services. It’s essential to consider which space can help bring you closer to your target audience, consequently boosting your online visibility.

No need to look further because we’ve got the list of the most trusted online marketplaces in Australia ready for you.

Top 7 Online Marketplaces in Australia You Should Sell On



Active customers: 159 million

Average monthly visits: 61.7 million

eBay came to Australia in 1999 and remains the top retail powerhouse in the country. Anyone who wishes to purchase online goods would make this their first stop. With a digital footprint in 180 countries, the platform allows you to sell and trade worldwide and take advantage of its loyal customer base.

How to sell on eBay Australia?

Create an eBay seller account in My eBay. From there, you can set up a listing and keep track of all your buy and sell activities.

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Amazon Australia

Amazon Australia

Active users: 300 million

Average monthly visits: 43 million

Amazon.com.au was launched in 2017 and recorded more than 2,000 third-party merchants in its first 24 hours. While it may have been late to the party, it didn’t fail to tighten its hold in the Australian digital market. In 2020, it achieved a whopping milestone of $1.12 billion in net sales – a roaring 99.4% increase from the previous year.

How to sell on Amazon Australia?

If you already have a customer account, you can use that to have an Amazon seller account. Otherwise, you need to create a new one. Then, select a selling plan that best fits your business.



Active customers: 894 thousand

Average monthly visits: 5 million

MyDeal developed a strong Australian presence for efficiently catering to “bulky” orders. They’re known for retailing home furniture, garden tools and equipment, appliances, and technology. It currently has 800 active sellers with over 5 million products across more than 2,000 categories.

How to sell on MyDeal?

You need to meet their eligibility criteria before you sign up for a seller application.



Active customers: 3 million

Average monthly visits: 10.3 million

Kogan is a top Australian shopping destination for homewares, appliances, technology, and more. Previously, Kogan exclusively sold own-brand products. It launched Kogan Marketplace in 2019, opening its doors to other brands, retailers, and distributors. It now boasts a thousand third-party merchants.

How to sell on Kogan?

Fill in their supplier registration form first and wait for your application to get approved.



Active customers: 3 million

Average monthly visits: 8.6 million

Catch.com.au is among the biggest names in the Australian ecommerce space. Customers flock to the marketplace for their daily deals on prominent brands such as Dyson and Nike. Catch sellers are regarded highly among local customers. Joining the platform boosts your brand’s credibility and gains you access to its huge customer pool.

How to sell on Catch?

Submit an application form indicating the product categories you intend to list under. Catch will review your application. Once approved, they’ll provide you with login details and help you get on board with a marketplace specialist.



Active Customers: 2.5 million

Average monthly visits: 1.6 million

Grays is the country’s largest industrial, auto, and commercial marketplace for manufacturers and distributors. If you’re looking to sell off large business assets and excess stocks, this is the best place for you. Moreover, Grays provides its vendors with expert insights on valuation, cataloguing, marketing, compliance, and more.

How to sell on Grays?

Fill in the seller information form and tell them about the product and assets that you want to sell. They’ll get back to you and help you set up your listing.



Active customers: 82 million

Average monthly visits: 422 million

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, Etsy is the best marketplace to promote your niche. The platform uniquely showcases handmade, vintage, and craft supplies. Selling on Etsy Australia helps you attract buyers specifically looking for the kind of items and services you offer.

How to sell on Etsy Australia?

Just register for an Etsy account to start buying and selling on the platform. However, you need to pay $.28 per listing, plus a $5 transaction fee once the item gets sold.

Be a Sold-out Success

Listing on the most recognized marketplaces elevates your brand’s validity. It’s also where the bulk of your target customers will be. You’ll be able to drive traffic to your brand and raise the potential of converting leads to repeat customers.

What comes next to finding the best marketplace? Your listing alone won’t bring you profits. Getting online also means going up against industry giants that have both digital experience and resources under their belt. Strengthen your online presence. You can do this with strategic messaging across your social channels, or a professional website to showcase the best of your brand.

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