When running an SME, a powerful email or business software is a must to power it. Although several business productivity suites are available in the market today, picking the right one can be overwhelming. 

This is where Google Workspace comes in! 

It’s an affordable yet powerful productivity suite for businesses of every size. Google Workspace offers email solutions, cloud storage to create and share files, video conferencing and chat apps, and more built-in collaboration tools. 

In this post, we’ll discuss Google Workspace in detail, including its benefits and how you can maximise it for business success. 

What Is Google Workspace? 

Google Workspace is a full suite of productivity and business tools. It makes team collaboration and communication in the cloud more seamless through its wide range of apps and features such as Gmail, Calendar, GDrive, Google Meet, and more.   

Regardless of the size and type of business, Google Workspace gives businesses a proper means of managing their digital resources and workforce, especially those operating in a hybrid/remote work environment.  

Uses of Google Workspace  

Here are some of the top reasons why you should use Google workspace: 

Branded Email with Gmail Business Account 

Apart from the functionality, familiarity, and reliability of Gmail, Google Workspace lets you use your organisation’s domain name for better branding. 

You can customise and brand your team’s business emails ([email protected]). Plus, you can also create up to 30 domains that can be redirected to any of your preferred email accounts.   

With a customised email address, you can easily promote your business, build trust, and establish credibility with your customers. 

Branded Email with Gmail Business Account

Collaborate with Peers Real-Time 

Effective team collaboration is one of the biggest challenges in remote workplaces. Google Workspace is a great tool to work around this. It includes a range of robust collaboration apps that are unique to businesses. 

For instance, the platform allows real-time co-editing of docs, slides, and sheets which eliminates the risk of version control that’s usually the reason for delays.  

real time collaboration with GWS apps

Enhanced File Storage 

Regardless of business size, file storage is becoming a challenge for every organisation today. Google Workspace is an excellent solution that allows users to store massive amounts of files/data in the cloud (up to 30GB) through Drive. 

Google Drive enables business teams to upload large files (photos, documents, etc.) that their team can access in real-time to collaborate easily. 

Preserve Your Business Data with Google Vault 

Google Vault is another tool to preserve all your important data. 

Set retention rules and leverage certain Google Workspace apps to conveniently preserve user data, even from suspended accounts and deleted documents. With this, you can prevent data loss and keep your business legally compliant. 

Leverage AI-Based Business Insights 

Yet another highlight of Google Workspace is that it uses artificial intelligence. It helps provide deeper analysis, better insights, and optimisation of work processes. 

The use of AI, machine learning, and image recognition to automate various time-consuming and manual business tasks, through Google Workspace, help you make data-driven business decisions. 

GWS Work Insights

Benefits of Google Workspace in Scaling Your Business  

With Google Workspace, you get a robust set of apps to help improve enterprise productivity. Among other noteworthy benefits of Google Workspace are the following: 

a. Scalability 

Google Workspace is a highly scalable solution that serves more than 5 million organisations across the world. For instance, the email and storage services of Google Workspace – Gmail and Google Drive – serve more than a billion users worldwide. 

b. Security  

Today, almost every business runs the risk of data failures. Even the biggest businesses are not safe from cybercriminals – the reason why security updates are necessary. 

To navigate data security better, Google Workspace offers a fully secure environment (through features like two-factor authentication and email spam filters). Thus, helping IT teams safeguard business assets.  

c. Productivity 

Google Workspace is a great solution that helps businesses improve their overall productivity – individually and as a team. It allows employees to maximise their work and collaborate easily for efficient business outcomes. 

Besides, it allows teams to collaborate with peers in real-time, share ideas instantly, join meetings from anywhere, and many more.  

d. Access anywhere at any time 

Google Workspace is accessible from anywhere at any time. Its apps are compatible with all browsers to make it work on any device (Mac/PC, Android devices, or Apple devices).  

e. Affordability  

Google Workspace is an affordable solution, with a basic plan for every user. But if you need more than the basic features, a higher-tier Google Workspace package is available, too! 

It’s good to note that all Google Workspace plans give you access to their ad-free app versions, so each user can focus on work when using them. 

Streamline Business Workflow with Google Workspace  

Regardless of business size, Google Workspace is an ideal office suite to improve efficiency and overall productivity. It offers everything from business email, cloud storage, project management, calendars, and documents – and it works on any device, irrespective of location.  

If you think about it, getting a feature-rich email and office suite to streamline your business, like Google Workspace, is best done today! 

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