Buying your first domain name? 

You may be surprised to know that there’s more to domain names than the classic .COM. 

Choose from this wide array of top-level domains, listed from A to Z and find one that best suits your brand to attract the right audience. 

Let’s get started! 



The consistent evolution of the digital age has allowed innovators to develop apps to entertain users. If you have an idea that could compete with the best apps in the world, get a .APP domain now! 


Business firms are always searching for architects that can create beautiful and comfortable office spaces. Let them know you exist by registering to this domain. 


Looking to sell your art to a specific audience? Get started by registering an .ART domain. 


It’s not just another name for lawyers, either. Get it here. 


The world of auctions was changed forever when eBay took them out of the dusty room and onto the bright light of the internet. Got an auction site?  Get one of these. 



The internet has made it at once easier and harder for new bands to get noticed. A dedicated .BAND web address should be part of your strategy — whether you’re in the band, with the band, or just representing the band. 


For people who aren’t comfortable talking about their thoughts and feelings, they make writing their medium. Share your words to the world with a .BLOG domain. 


Bingo websites have become big business since online betting and gambling took off a few years ago. .BINGO also makes an ideal subdomain for your betting site. Get a full house with your own here.



Social drinkers of the internet already have a place to call their own with the existing addresses .BAR and .PUB, but now you can relax with a skinny latte and your own .CAFE domain. 

The value of branding your cafe’s website with an address like or can’t be overstated — think how your cafe’s business could benefit from a unique domain. 


Casinos are big business. Whether you’re the hottest place in town or running the biggest betting site, show your customers that you are cutting edge and up to date with the latest technologies. Win big with your own .CASINO domain. 


People like to talk — but even more than that, they love to chat. From internet chat rooms to chat apps, and from ICQ to Snapchat, with your own .CHAT web address you will really set tongues wagging. Be the talk of the town with your new .CHAT web address here. 


Bargain hunters of the internet won’t have to look hard to find your deals with a .COUPONS web address. 

Need a sub-domain for your website’s special offers, or run a website dedicated to the best discounts online? “Coupons” is one of the most searched for terms online when it comes to customers looking for a bargain. Save time and money with a .COUPONS domain. 


Education isn’t about chalkboards and ink pens any more. With .COURSES, students everywhere can easily identify you as a modern educational provider that’s not like all the others. 

Showcase your courses and opportunities today. .COURSES is your chance to corner the education market. 



Online dating sites and apps have made it easier than ever to find true love — or a date for this Friday night — without leaving the comfort of your couch. If you want to set your website apart from your competitors, a .DATE domain is your perfect match. 


With traditional universities reeling from funding cuts, fee deregulation and being outflanked by online learning institutions, there’s never been a better time to get a dedicated home online for learning establishments. Get a .DEGREE domain here. 


Lie back, open wide and say “aaaah“. There’s no need to be scared — this is for dental practices, nurses, and dentists. Get a .DENTIST domain! 


One of the hottest new domains that you’ll be hearing more about is .DESIGN. 

Every once in a while, a new web address comes along that is targeted, and yet seems like it will across a number of different markets. The word “design” is as applicable to graphic design as it is to web design, interior design or landscape design. 


ROFL dogs might not rival LOL cats online, but there’s something unmistakably happy about a web address for our canine companions. Or their owners. 

From dog shows to funny dog videos and blogs “written” by dogs, .DOG will come when you call it and fetch your website the traffic it deserves. 



Have the desire to share, teach, and earn from your profession online? Accomplish that by creating a website. Personalise it by getting a .EDUCATION domain. 


Because engineers work in a range of specialised fields and come in all shapes and sizes, there’s a domain for the chemical, electrical, mechatronics, software or civil engineer. Get it here. 


Want to tell the world about your fast service, and do it quickly? 

What better, or faster, way to do it than with a new .EXPRESS domain? Nothing says speedy service, fast delivery, quick checkout in as few words as just this one. Show the world your express service options by being quick off the block and grabbing your .EXPRESS address before someone else does. 



Faiths of every denomination now have a web address to call home. Whether you want a personal website for your beliefs or a professional page for your place of worship, keep the .FAITH with your web address. 


If you’re looking to earn extra income as a professional fitness coach, share tips and video tutorials online, don’t just rely on Youtube. Reach more people by registering your .FIT domain. 


Also available is the most floral of domain names: .FLOWERS. For florists, flower sellers, and for every occasion where you say it with flowers, there’s a sweet-smelling new web address waiting for you. 


Many football fans will agree that the sport isn’t just a game but a whole way of life. What football fans can’t agree on, however, is exactly what game they are talking about. 

But whatever sport you call football, get a web address to cheer for with a new .FOOTBALL domain name. 


Got something to sell? Whether you’re cutting out the middleman and ditching the real estate agent to sell your own house, or just have items for sale, you can’t express it any better than a .FORSALE domain. 



All that glitters is not gold — and that applies to getting the most valuable web address. If gold and jewellery are your trade, .GOLD is a sound investment for your website. 


Mark Twain once called golf “a good walk spoiled”. No matter if you’re a small local golf club or an international competition, don’t spoil your web address with a generic domain nobody can remember. Finish under par instead with a .GOLF name. 


Work at the comfort of your home as a freelance graphic designer and receive client emails by having your own .GRAPHICS domain. 



Got a team capable of cutting different hairstyle trends from the 1950s to present? If you do, make your team more visible with a .HAIR domain. 


From field hockey to ice hockey and every variation in between, there are few games quite as versatile as .HOCKEY. What web address could be a better match for your team? 

If you’re a hockey fan, player, coach or team, get in the game with a great deal on your .HOCKEY address before someone else does. 


Did you know that more people search for “how” than for who, what, where, when, or why? If you tell people how stuff works, give how-to tutorials or just wonder “how” yourself, there is no “how” about getting found. 



Ink creates wonders. It’s the lifeblood of black-and-white drawings, words printed on paper, and intricate tattoos on skin. For anyone passionate in design, writing, print, and tattoos, .INK is the domain of choice. 


For higher organisational bodies such as schools, research organisations, and the like, .INSTITUTE enforces your authority in the online space. 


.INVESTMENTS are for businesses handling investments in the finance industry or the economic sector. Let people know you have their financial investments safe and secure with a domain that asserts your credibility. 



Make or sell shiny things? The new .JEWELRY web address is a valuable destination for your jewellery creations. Selling expensive jewels or bespoke pieces? .JEWELRY has you covered for that, too. 



Perfect for ecommerce stores selling kids’ toys, clothing, supplies, and other related products. Make parents comfortable doing business with you with a .KID or .KIDS domain. 


This TLD caters to a lot of kitchen-related businesses such as supplies, products, utensils, and restaurants. .KITCHEN is ideal for food bloggers, too! can also choose to register this domain. 



When it comes to getting specific with a generic TLD, trade-focused domains are a great choice. Make a name for your law practice with a .LAWYER domain. 


Got a website that makes people Laugh Out Loud? The funniest places online end in .LOL — whether you run a comedy club, perform stand up, write jokes, or host funny cat videos. Anyone who enjoys a laugh can see the funny side with a new .LOL web domain. 


Your passion is important and deserves to be seen by the world. Whether you love a person, a sports team, or just have universal compassion, show a little love to the internet with a .LOVE web address. 


This is the future of luxury. .LUXURY is the domain with a mission is to provide a dedicated digital platform for all things luxurious. 

Designed to meet the distinct needs of the luxury industry, .LUXURY offers product manufacturers, service providers, retailers and consumers a central place online to engage, transact and celebrate never before available in the luxury market. 



Just as Rose St. artist’s market and Eveleigh farmer’s markets are the heart of their communities, .MARKET is the new heart of the online community for retailers and customers. 


The growth of the men’s interests online has brought with it a huge amount of content — but it can be a challenge to find what you are looking for. 

The .MEN web address is a space for men worldwide to follow their interests. Aiming to provide a dedicated and focused domain for everything from male grooming to health and fitness, show the world you’re a real man’s man with a new .MEN domain. 


The simple home for lenders, advisers and customers of mortgage loans. Get it here. 


Motion pictures now have a blockbuster web address. 

.MOVIE is the domain for moviemakers and film lovers. No longer do a budding Sophia Coppola or Martin Scorcese need to make do with a .com domain. .MOVIE tells audiences and visitors that your website is the official home of your movie. 


Let’s be honest, we vibe better with people who share the same music taste. If you’re planning to create or sell original music online, share it with the right people by purchasing a .MUSIC domain. 



Whether you’re connecting computers, servers, or people, nothing helps you with the job better than .NETWORK. It’s the domain of choice for organisations that deal with network technologies or that gather people of same interests together. 


Made for professional journalists and news organisations, .NEWS will make your digital identity more credible. In a society saturated with information, let your readers know you’re a reliable source. 


.NGO is the ideal choice for non-governmental or non-profit organisations that aim to instil social change. Share your mission online and rally people to join your cause! 



Want to show the world you are number one? .ONE is a new generic new domain that is both simple and easy to understand. 

Whether you are the first, the best or the one and only, there is a.ONE that is just as unique as you are. Applicable to many topics and industries, .ONE is the number one domain for anyone wanting to show their individuality! 


If you’re unsure what unique TLD fits your niche, why not go for .ONLINE? It goes well with every industry under the sun, so it works like popular TLDs such as .com and .netIt amps up your global appeal, too. And did we mention a .ONLINE domain doesn’t cost a lot? 


Whether you have the next best coffee beans, meat product, milk, honey, or wheat, expand your organic business by owning a .ORGANIC domain. 



Joining Sydney, Tokyo and NYC with its own domain, .PARIS is an essential address for the City of Lights. 

As the most affordable address in the city of Paris, hundreds of websites and even the Eiffel Tower are already using a .PARIS web address. If you’re a proud Parisian, shouldn’t you have one, too? 


For businesses who specialise in party planning, catering services, party supplies and venues, .PARTY is the perfect way to liven up your website! 


The .PHOTO and .PHOTOS domains are a great hub for professional photographers and hobbyists to connect. They even allow you to help amateurs improve their photography skills through videos, blogs, and tutorials. What better way to get paid by doing the thing that you love? 



Is your preferred .COUPON domain already taken? Go for .QPON! 

.QPON domains were created for established brands who want to sell their goods and services at a discounted price. 



Don’t say “no, no, no”. If you’re a therapist, counsellor, or a licensed medical professional, redirect your rehab site to your new .REHAB domain. 


If you write reviews, you don’t need to be published in a newspaper or magazine. The internet gives a voice to anyone with a connection to the web. Want to get your film, theatre, game or book reviews found online? The new .REVIEW domain will get 5 stars from you. 


You don’t need to be in the funeral business for the domain that means “Rest in Peace”. It’s also there for memorials to lost family and loved ones, or tributes to celebrities. Commemorate people that matter with .RIP. 



Be cool: stay in school. If your school is cool enough to have its own website, it goes without saying that it shouldn’t be stuck in the last decade with generic domains, Latin textbooks and computers that take floppy disks. Get educated with the .SCHOOL domain. 


The beautiful game has a beautiful and simple web address for soccer fans around the world. 

Avoid the international confusions with the word “football” by branding your website with a kicky new .SOCCER. Get in the game with the name for the sport you love. 


From applications and apps, laptop to mobile, software is everywhere — and for everyone. Just like this  domain. 


.SOY is not a dedicated web address for fans of soybeans, but instead the bilingual offering that means “I” or “I am” in Spanish. 


It’s not the domain for SpaceX, NASA or Virgin Galactic, but instead, a new generic web address for you to find a dedicated space of your own online. 


Looking stylish is very important: and a great-looking website is no exception. But what’s better than a website that looks good? A website that can be found easily.  

If you’re a stylist, fashion blogger, or just committed to the latest styles, a new .STYLE will put you on the best-dressed lists, and help potential visitors find you. 



Are you a team player? If you have a website for a team you love, there is a .TEAM domain for you. 

Teams come in all styles, shapes and sizes. Whether you’re on the winning team, a customer support team, or the A-Team, make it official with a .TEAM, the most collaborative of new web addresses. 


Are you wondering how to build a website for your tennis lessons, club or sporting goods store?  

Smash it with a .TENNIS domain — and your visitors will never again have to struggle with a hard-to-remember web address. 


Theatres, whether they are movie theatres or more “traditional” theatres, are often the focal points of our communities — places where we come together in each other’s company for a shared experience. 

A new .THEATER domain does more than bring people together, it brings together online everyone that is connected to theatres — from the theatres themselves, to actors, directors and fans. Make a show of it with your .THEATER web address. 


You know where you rank, and you know that you’re a leader — so there’s no question that you should be at the top. 



.UNIVERSITY is the domain of choice for… well, universities. Establish your authority and make your brand more recognisable in the digital space as an institution of higher education. 



Studies have shown that travelling induces positive feelings and experiences. That explains why the travel agency industry has grown exponentially. Help people feel positive experiences now with the .VACATION domain. 


This is not short for “veteran”, but veterinarian. Caring for animals great and small! Get your .VET domain. 


A .VISION domain is recommended for optometrists who are looking to expand their business online. This allows them to reach more people, communicate with them, and thoroughly schedule appointments. 



The .WEDDING domain is perfect for start-ups who are in the wedding business –  wedding planners, caterers, and bands. Engaged couples can easily search your site with one click. 


If you’re into the vineyard or wine-producing industry, create an online community where restaurants, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs can find and buy your products. Get a .WINE domain. 


Planning to start an employment business where recruiters and applicants can find each other? Take the first step by registering online with a .WORK domain name. 



For rebels, misfits, and anyone who doesn’t want boundaries to restrict them, .XYZ is the domain for you. It transcends languages, cultures, and industries. This makes it the perfect domain for those who don’t want to be tied to a specific niche. 



Bring your yoga business online for yogis to find your studio. All you need to do is register a .YOGA domain. 



Register this domain if you’re someone who offers data storage services or who writes about topics that revolve around the data storage industry. 


Mark your territory! The .ZONE domain is recognized as one of the most flexible domains. Why? Because any kind of business can choose to make that as their domain name  the word itself is catchy and engaging. 

Got a domain name yet? 

And to think we ever thought that .COM was enough for a personalised website! 

All of these — and many, many more — are available for you to register. Check out our crazy cheap domains today!