It’s almost Valentine’s day, and you’re stuck without a plan on how to capitalise one of the biggest spending days of the year.  

The average consumer spends $196.31 on Valentine-related purchases, which shows how people pay a premium to show their love and affection.   

While chocolates, vacations, and flowers are the norm for most, they’re not as longer-lasting than digital gifts.  

Change things up by giving your loved ones digital gifts that count — and even get them a good return! 

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Digital Gift Guide 

For the stressed-out valentine 

If your valentine is busy and stressed, making plans to celebrate the holiday can feel more like an obligation than a treat. In this case, a fancy dinner just won’t cut it.

Instead, buy your stressed-out valentine a discount coupon for your local spa or wellness centre.

Choose merchants from reliable online coupon providers like Groupon or LivingSocial. You may even score hot deals from your valentine’s fave hotel or restaurant.

For the bookworm 

There are never enough books to read for a true-blue bookworm. So while giving someone a physical book is great, giving them an ebook subscription is even better.

For a few bucks per month, your valentine can get access to tons of ebook titles on their ebook readers or mobile devices. The best part? They won’t need bookshelves to keep their reads, only to let them pick up dust in the corner later on.

There are many great ebook subscription providers, like Kindle Unlimited and Scribd, for you to choose from. Plus, some of these merchants also offer audiobooks for people on the go.

For the aspiring entrepreneur  

Domain names are one of the internet’s valuable commodities, and every brand and business needs one to exist online.

Offer to register your friend or loved one’s ideal domain name and pay for it in advance. But before anything else, find out the domain name they have in mind. You don’t want to ruin their branding because of the wrong domain.

A domain name makes a perfect Valentine gift for the aspiring entrepreneur who’s still starting to expand their business horizon online.

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For the binge-watcher 

No one is going to turn down new stuff to watch! If your valentine is a huge sucker for entertainmentthey’ll appreciate subscription for a video streaming service.

You can offer to pay monthly for their subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, or any of the other growing list available.

Either way, a streaming service is great valentine gift. And it’s one you can enjoy together, with features and extensions that lets you watch or chat together even from afar.

For the learner 

With more people going online each year, online learning classes have spiked in popularity.

If your loved one likes learning or mastering a particular skill, there could be an online course for them.

With a Udemy, Skillshare, or MasterClass subscription, your valentine can find a plethora of subjects and skills to learn — whether that’s programming, calligraphy, or pole dancing!

They can even get up close and personal with some of the world’s most famous personalities  from celebrities to CEOs — for on-demand classes they can take at the comfort of their home.

For the health and fitness buff 

With gyms shut down in many parts of the world, your fitness buff valentine may not be able to work those muscles as much as before.

Good thing there are several online gym sessions and fitness classes they can enroll in, albeit virtually.

There’s also a wide range of mobile apps that’ll help them stay on top of their health and wellness, like yoga, meditation, and intermittent fasting apps.

By getting your valentine a fitness class or app membership, they stay fit and healthy during these unprecedented times.

For the busy business owners  

Your valentine may already have a website but don’t know where to put it or how to get started. Offer to give them a package of online tools and solutions to help them get started.   

They’ll need web hosting to store their website and a domain to make it accessible online. Go for an all-in-one package that’ll help them get started in no time.  

Finding the best web hosting provider helps your significant other launch a business website that’s on par with industry standards. 

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For the artsy valentine 

If you want a last-minute gift for creatives that won’t seem like one, get an instant subscription for a photo-editing or a graphic design software in their name.

The Adobe Creative Cloud is a must-have subscription for anyone with a creative side. It provides access to the most essential software for photography, video, design, UX, and more.

Show how much you care 

Now that Valentine’s day is just around the corner, elevate your gift-giving game by coming up with presents your loved ones can use to their heart’s content.

Simply pair them with a thoughtful card and you’ve got the makings of an impressive present. 

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