“Why take my business online?”

This is a common question among brick-and-mortar businesses, especially for those who have been around for years.

In this digital age, customers expect to find and transact with you online. And with the pandemic and its lingering impact, it only amplified such demand. In fact, about 80% of people conducts online research before visiting a business or making a purchase.

Building your online presence is not only a way to adapt to the changing customer behaviour. For most business owners, it became an avenue to build a disaster-proof business ensuring business continuity during unprecedented times.

That’s why Bright Coffee Co., which has been distributing to major coffee brands for years, took the opportunity to step up their game and pivot online.

About Bright Coffee Company

About Bright Coffee Company_

Known for providing high-quality fresh roasted coffee, Bright Coffee Co. is founded by Australian Ross Bright who moved to Singapore in 2001 roasting again after traveling around the world to improve his coffee experience.

Bright Coffee Co. is also recognised for its outstanding customer service. They import green beans from all over the world. Then they roast them, ground them to perfection, pack them in high-quality packaging, and deliver them to cafes, offices, etc.

One of the challenges that Bright Coffee Co. had was utilising the mobile messenger platforms to communicate with the customers — which has been very time-consuming, especially when orders come in on the trot.

Good thing, Bright Coffee Co. partnered with Crazy Domains to prop their business up and made the best decision — to get a website!

How Having a Website Benefit Bright Coffee Company

How Having a Website Benefit Bright Coffee Company copy


There may be an abundance of social media platforms and other similar channels for businesses to promote their products and services. But websites are still the most versatile sales and marketing tool.

Ross Bright, founder and director of Bright Coffee Company said, “Once we move on to the website, freed up a lot of time for us. Instead of working in the business we’d be working on the business.”

By getting a website, Bright Coffee was able to get a strong online presence that improved their customer’s experience and established their company’s credibility. It allowed them to have greater exposure to a bigger market.

Crazy Domains facilitated the business in building a website designed for their customers with a group of creative minds. Not being tech-savvy, Bright has found the dashboard a little daunting at first, but it didn’t take him a while to get used to the tools.

The website simplified their daily responsibilities, from advertising their new and upcoming products, services, promos, etc. to checking their inbox for incoming orders. It helped streamline their business management and focus on the bigger tasks.

Take Your Business Online

It’s clear that moving your business online impacts your overall success. It can boost your brand’s visibility, cut the limit of your customers’ accessibility to your business, and reduce operational costs (e.g., rent, utilities, etc.)

Just like what Bright said, “the earlier you do it, the better it is.” Leverage Crazy Domains’ reliable online solutions to drive online success and business growth today.

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