Crazy Domains wanted to do something special for the children of Cantipla this Christmas.

Cantipla is a village in the mountains around Cebu City, Philippines, and the children there don’t often have a lot to look forward to at Christmas time.

With a little help in the form of a modest donation, this was changed for them with a special party: complete with food, games and prizes.

Mark Evans, CEO of Crazy Domains, said:

“It’s the season of good will, and we like to do what we can. Crazy Domains is engaged in all kinds of community projects – but this one is a little special because many of our support staff are from, or based in, Cebu.

While it might not seem like a lot, any donation can help to make a different to the kids of Cantipla. It’s worth it to see their smiles, and know we’ve helped to make a difference, however small.”

Christmas in Cantipla

In Cantipla, the children have to hike to school every day in all kinds of weather, so they also received practical gifts including slippers to keep their feet dry.