What happens when you forget to renew your subscription-based products/services? 

Simple, it’ll be disconnected which can cause downtime in your business. 

Now, imagine what will happen if you fail to renew an integral element of your digital presence such as your domain. 

You’ll be at risk of losing the domain name you’ve worked hard to secure to someone else – forever. Any service connected to it like your website and emails will also stop working. Not to mention how it can harm your brand reputation and customer relationships. 

Good thing there’s a surefire way to avoid all these mishaps. Read on to learn why most businesses choose the convenience of auto-renewal.

Why You Should Turn On Auto-Renewal for Your Business

Get peace of mind 

When you’re running a business, you’re pulled in several directions at once and overlook some of your payment dues, including your domain registration. 

With auto-renewal, you don’t need to worry about expiration dates or mark your calendar only to miss it because of your busy schedule. 

You can leave all the work to your provider and focus on running your business. Regarding your domain registration, for example, your registrar will keep you in the loop with email notifications when your domain is due for renewal and will automatically renew it for you. Then, you can seamlessly continue your business operations. 

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Skip the hassle of manual renewal

When your subscription is due for renewal, your provider will send you email notifications in advance. However, you can easily overlook these alerts because of a cluttered inbox, leaving the renewal process to the last minute. 

Enabling auto-renewal means your subscription won’t get side-tracked. Plus, you can save time going through the manual payment process. You only have to ensure that your debit or credit card has enough balance for automatic payment. 

Stop renewal scams

Subscription renewal scams aren’t new. Scammers send fake renewal notification emails to customers, often with inflated prices. Some specify that they will deduct a specific amount from your bank account, while some claim that the transaction has already occurred and you have to call the number provided if you wish to cancel. 

Here are some red flags to look out for: 

  • The sender uses a general email address like @gmail.com or @yahoo.com. 
  • The salutation is not personalised or doesn’t address your name. 
  • The email has a lot of grammar, punctuation, and typo errors. 
  • The contact number is not genuine. 

Auto-renewing can protect you from scammers. You don’t need to lift a finger to renew your subscription. If you want to know the progress of your auto-renewal, you can check your email anytime.

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Quick Tips When Having Your Subscription on Auto-Renew 

  • Keep your billing information up-to-date in case of any changes in your name, address, etc., or if you lost your card and got a new one. 
  • Do you have multiple subscriptions, like multiple domain names? All the more that you should use auto-renew. 

Keep your business running with auto-renewal

Automatic payment options are common these days because of their convenience and security. You don’t have to worry about remembering due dates, paying charges for late fees, or losing your subscription product/service.  

Opt-in for auto-renewal to keep your website and business running without interruption.

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