With the entrepreneurial landscape going on a fast-paced digitalisation, there’s no better way of scaling your business than by having an online presence.

And that starts with a trusted domain.

A .AU domain is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) specific to Australia — like how .ID is for Indonesia, .SG for Singapore, etc.

While top-level domains like .COM or .NET are globally recognised, a .AU extension helps you attract local markets. It’s also among the most reliable. Recent statistics show that over 82% of Australians consider .COM.AU domain as the most trustworthy domain.

If you aim to be a leading and dependable name online, a .AU domain is the way to go.

Why are Australian Businesses Better Off Online?

More than half of Australian small businesses in the industries of retail and fashion and food and beverages started investing online during the pandemic. Although this only comprises 30% of the country’s small business population, it’s a rapid digitalisation pace in only under a year.

And even without the pandemic, doing business in the real world poses several shortcomings. These include failure to reach a wider audience and minimal or lack of customer relationship.

Going online used to be something to mull over. But these uncertain times call for modern, more innovative measures.

Don’t get left behind. Get a reliable domain like .AU to get you up to speed.

4 Awesome Benefits of a .AU Domain

It’s a stamp of credibility and trust

Did you know that 9 in 10 Australian consumers prefer to transact with Australian businesses? This is because people within the locale only trust brands registered and subjected to Australian Consumer Law’s (ACL) tight quality and safety standards.

A .AU domain is your authenticity stamp. No business can secure the domain unless they meet the Australian Domain Name Authority’s (auDA) criteria. This increases your brand’s validity within the local market and to the rest of the world.

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It lands you on top of local searches

It lands you on top of local searches

Search engines like Google are meticulous when it comes to placing websites at the top of search results. They have a set of factors that help them filter the most relevant answers. One of them is location.

A .AU domain signals search engines about your business address. This means that you’ll be among the top pick for local searches pertaining to your products and services. It increases your visibility and improves your search engine ranking.

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It’s readily available

It’s readily available

Top-level domains such as .COM and .ORG are constantly in demand and difficult to secure. You can always resort to backorder the domain you want. However, you’ll have to wait for an uncertain amount of time before it becomes available. Worst, you might end up compromising with a domain that’s not a perfect fit for your brand.

A .AU domain avoids this problem. There are currently around three million .AU domains registered. It may sound like a lot, but that’s less than 1% of all registered domain names— giving you a better chance of registering the domain you want.

It’s unique, concise, and memorable

It’s unique, concise, and memorable

It’s getting more and more challenging to stand out online. Give people a reason to choose and remember your business with a .AU domain.

It evidently helps you stand out as a trusted Australian brand, raising your credibility within the country and abroad.

It’s also shorter and easier to remember. For example, there’s no need to register your web design agency as webdesignaustralia.com. Instead, go for a shorter and more memorable domain like webdesign.com.au.

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Get online with a trusted domain

Going online with a .AU domain means you’re off to a great start. As it becomes increasingly necessary for every brand to be digital, it’s only right to beat the competition firsthand with a reliable domain.

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