by Ethan Lewis

January 22, 2020

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Put Some Aussie Spirit into Your Marketing Ideas for Australia Day

Circle your calendars: 26 January is around the corner. Australia’s National Day is a time for commemoration. The streets, beaches and parks will be full of people in parades, barbecues, concerts, and sporting events. 

Smart business owners can leverage Australia Day and celebrate along with the rest of them. It’s a good time for you to add some Aussie flair to your promotions. 

There are so many ways to approach your Australia Day marketing plans. In general, it helps to think of ideas around four categories: Symbols, food, community and public relations.  

Here’s a brief guide with plenty of ideas and examples to get you started. 

Celebrate the Symbols of Australia 

Celebrate the symbols of Australia

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There are many sights and sounds that are uniquely Australian. The national flag and anthem, the Waltzing Matilda, and the national colours of green and gold are some of them. 

Make any of these your theme for the day. Play the songs of Aussie stars on your PA system, or even give out small flags with every purchase. You could even have specially-designed gift-wrapping paper and souvenirs. 

Australia’s symbols are diverse, and you could use them to make a point of unity.  

An example of this is Moga, the women’s shawl and headscarf brand. They had an online campaign that featured four females from different backgrounds wearing the scarves in a way that represented their identity. This was effective, distinctive, and it made an important point too.  

Sit and brainstorm with your team. Use teamwork to come up with many ideas that revolve around the country's emblems. 

Boost Appetites with Australian Food 

Boost Appetites with Australian Food 

For restaurants and food stores, Australia Day presents many opportunities.  

Take the case of supermarket giant Coles. They recently launched a range of Vegemite sausages for Australia Day! 

Have a special menu featuring Australian dishes and cuisine. Alternatively, put up separate sections for items like Arnott's and Tim Tams. You can also put together a tasting menu of unique Australian dishes or create a diversity platter of food from Australia’s regions and communities. 

Let’s not forget Australia’s most-loved desserts. From chocolate crackles to Lamingtons and Pavlovas, there are so many sweet ways to show your care for your customers. Hand out some of these for free to everyone who makes a purchase. Or devise your own unique recipes! 

You don't have to be a restaurant or a food chain to use ideas related to Australia's cuisine. Whatever your business, use it to show your respect for Australian appetites.  

Rejoice with the Community 

Rejoice with the Community 

No one wants to spend Australia Day at home. Everyone will be outdoors and having fun. This is your chance to reach them.  

Sponsor a local fireworks display or contribute to a community barbecue. Bring the people together to celebrate the occasion. 

Another sponsoring opportunity is the many sporting events occurring on that day. Help a neighbourhood cup or team! Be innovative, like the telecom company Optus, who offered to provide free umpires for backyard cricket matches.  

Another way is to promote celebrations online.  

Ask people to share their best Australia Day memories or their favourite Australia-themed photographs. Social media sites are perfect for this. Put together special Australia-themed hampers to reward the best contributions. 

Let Public Relations (PR) Spread the Good Word 

Let Public Relations (PR) Spread the Good Word 

When it comes to PR, be it online or print, the possibilities are endless.  

A simple way to start is with email. Wish customers a happy Australia Day by using your online database. If you’ve planned events on that day, make sure to promote them in your mail! 

Local radio stations will have special Australia Day programs. This could be a chance to air your business views and special plans. Arrange an interview, along with other small business owners, for a newspaper feature on Australia Day celebrations.  

With PR, it always helps to think of a new angle, to catch the media’s attention to cover it. Do something different for Australia Day, or start a brand conversation about neglected aspects of the occasion. 

Make your marketing meaningful 

In the end, your marketing efforts need to focus on the celebrationAcknowledge it with respect to its surrounding issues, as well as the people involved.  

Use this as a chance to showcase the many diverse elements that make Australia the land that it is, and the country it wants to become.  

Happy Australia Day, mate! 

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