For decades, Australia Day has been a significant day of unity and celebration for the country’s freedom, values, and patriotism. It’s also a day to celebrate Australia’s diversity and rich culture. 

This year all Australia Day programs will be held outdoors. The attendees can expect a vibrant celebration as the Australia Day Council turns Sydney Harbour into a picturesque backdrop. 

Get the most out of this meaningful occasion to boost your brand and sales through these brilliant marketing tips. 

7 Brilliant Marketing Ideas for Australia Day 2023 

Celebrate the Symbols and Sounds of Australia 

Show your Aussie pride by decorating your storefront with symbols and sounds that are uniquely Australian. Australia’s symbols are diverse, and you could use them to make a point of unity. 

For example, you can display several flags and balloons outside. Blast your PA system to fill the air with modern and classic Aussie musical hits (play the Waltzing Matilda from time to time). You can also give out small flags, a mini-Koala toy, a Tim Tam, or any kind of souvenir with every purchase. Customers are sure to leave your store satisfied.  

This goes for your business’s website too! Deck your site with Australian images and decorations to commemorate the day. Get a stylish and customisable website up and ready for Australia Day in case you don’t have one yet. 

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Boost Appetites with Australian Food

Boost appetites with Australian food

Australia Day can present many growth opportunities for restaurant and café owners, especially with the new normal, it’s the best time to go full swing into business.  

Inform customers via social media that you’ll prepare a special menu featuring the best Australian dishes and drinks. Alternatively, put up separate sections for items like Arnott’s and Tim Tams. 

You can also put together a tasting menu or create a diverse platter of dishes from Australia’s regions and communities. 

Let’s not forget Australia’s most-loved desserts. From chocolate crackles to Lamingtons and Pavlovas, there are so many sweet ways to show your care for your customers. Hand out some of these for free with every purchase. Or devise your own unique recipes! 

You don’t have to be a restaurant or a food chain to use ideas related to Australia’s cuisine. Whatever is your business, use it to show your respect for Australian appetites. Of course, continue to ensure you and your customers follow standard health protocols, especially if you’re in the food and beverage industry. 

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Publish Australia Day Content 

Most people are on social media. Show your enthusiasm for the occasion by posting quality Australia day content in your accounts.  

Choose fun and attractive images to embody the festive Aussie spirit. Post fun facts and trivia about the country on your social media profiles. Or you can create videos and pair them off with a witty caption to make it more dynamic. Posting content helps celebrate the holiday while showing off your brand’s personality and attracting new leads.

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Host an Online Contest

Another marketing tactic you can try is hosting a social media contest. This engages your customers with your brand while still keeping them safe in the comforts of their homes. A lot of people are using social media and a contest can let you reach more audiences. 

There are plenty of online contests you can host, including quiz bowls, selfie contests, photo caption challenges, and trivia nights. 

Tip: To emanate true Aussie spirit, incorporate Australia-themed questions when hosting trivia contests! 

Depending on your niche, organise activities that are worth participating in. 

Have prizes that are hard to resist such as a free product or a massive discount. And aside from announcing the contest online, you can get more attention by emailing your existing customers. 

Host an online contest

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Launch an Email Campaign

Get more participants to join your online competition by launching an email campaign. To achieve this, you need to craft emails worth opening. 

Below are a few tips to help you write emails that grab attention: 

  • Write a short yet compelling subject line. 
  • Connect your preheader and subject line. 
  • Be straightforward with your content. 
  • Write with personality and evoke emotions 
  • Don’t shout at your customers
  • Make it look clean by adding spaces to your paragraphs. 

Customers would also likely open your emails if you have a professional email address. This tells them your business is legit and trustworthy. 

If you haven’t yet, get an email hosting account from a reputable email hosting provider. 

Aside from those tips, it’s also essential to send out your email campaign days or weeks before Australia Day. Brands that engage early with their customers gain a competitive advantage. 

Likewise, use emails to inform customers of future discounts and promos. 

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Aside from those tips, it’s also essential to send out your email campaign days or weeks before Australia Day. Brands that engage early with their customers gain a competitive advantage.

Likewise, use emails to inform customers of future discounts and promos.

Partner With Organisations

Partner with organisations

Give your marketing a boost by partnering with organisations and famous influencers.

For example, local radio stations will have special Australia Day programs. Contact them and ask if you could pitch your business. This could be a chance to promote your brand and special promos and events.

Arrange an interview, along with other small business owners, for a newspaper feature on Australia Day celebrations.

You can also ask bloggers and vloggers to feature your brand and its products on their online platforms.

Offer Special Deals and Discounts   

Help your fellow Aussies make the most of the celebration by giving exclusive deals and discounts for the holiday. Create special coupons, gift cards, promo codes, and conditional sales to entice customers to shop from your business.  

What better way to celebrate Australian products than giving shoppers the chance to better patronise local businesses? Take the chance to promote and take pride of your products at the same time. 

Show Your Aussie Pride 

We can’t deny the pandemic has completely changed how we do business. But by accepting what can’t change and finding ways to adapt to the situation, your brand will continue to flourish. 

These tips are only a few of the many things you can do to get the best marketing results out out the occasion. You can top it up by using the best online marketing solutions that give you maximum opportunity to improve and personalise your strategies.  

Happy Australia Day, mate!