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Online State of Australia’s Small Businesses 2021

Discover how small businesses & consumers are embracing 'online' through a post-lockdown world.

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Australian Business Insights

Trends driving small businesses

Explore how business owners are leveraging 'online' to navigate changes in customers and the operating environment. Amid the pandemic and new trends, let our data guide your business to thrive online.

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What’s inside?

Gain unexpected key insights from 1700+ respondents revealing:

  • 1.How trends and insights differ by the generational divide (among Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z) – for both small business owners and consumers.
  • 2.COVID-19's impact on consumers and small businesses – and their shifts offline and online post-national lockdown.
  • 3.Online trends – how consumers approach online purchases, and which high ROI channels small businesses leverage on.
  • 4.How to build trust with online consumers – factors that are important to an online purchase.
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With the uncertainty of the pandemic, small businesses need to have a strong online presence. Not only do Australian consumers expect it, but most small business owners have also rated their website as their top ROI generating channel.

Mark Evans,
CEO at Dreamscape Networks & Crazy Domains

As a result of COVID-19, more than half of all businesses were forced to change their business, sales and marketing strategies to either initiate or increase their online presence in order to survive. In fact, the top lesson that businesses identified as a result of COVID-19, was the great importance of an online presence and this lesson will remain top of mind post COVID-19.

Gage Milecki,
Research Lead at GrowthOps

Building trust online with consumers is crucial for any small business to succeed – especially amidst the pandemic. Aussies expect a business’ web presence and reputation to appear credible at every stage; from the point of discovering a business to making their purchase. Our report reveals the key factors for establishing that trust online.

Logen Lanka,
Head of Engagement & Loyalty
at Dreamscape Networks & Crazy Domains

Success has long been dependent on one's ability to adapt. For businesses operating amid these unprecedented times, it means adopting online channels to ensure continuity. This report takes a deeper look at the businesses embracing the infinite online marketplace, as well as the customers driving this change.

Jillian Quijano,
Content Marketing Manager
at Dreamscape Networks & Crazy Domains

Adapt & Reach Online Success

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The pandemic accelerated change and pushed businesses toward going online and trying new ways to reach customers.

2021 is set to propel even more digitisation. Keep up – with data insights on what small business owners are doing online and what customers expect.

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Unlock success in 2021 and beyond.
Read the Online State of Australia’s Small Businesses 2021 now.

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