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Kate Furnifer Course Instructor

On-Page SEO involves the process of optimising your website and its contents to users and search engines.   

Valuable content generates higher traffic. And higher traffic leads to better conversion rates.  

Google has over 200+ ranking factors that determine how well they’ll rank your website on their search engine results pages. And most of these factors are addressed by the most common on-page SEO techniques.  

Learn what those techniques are with Kate Furnifer, Crazy Domains’ in-house SEO Expert.

Learning Objectives:     

  • Learn the importance of keyword research and how to find the right keywords in your niche.  
  • Know the six steps in writing and publishing SEO-friendly content.  
  • Understand how internal and external links help Google crawl and index your website faster. 
  • Explore the different strategies in optimising your meta tags, descriptions, =alt texts, and more.  
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