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.wang Domain Name Registration

.Wang domain name for websites catering to the Chinese community

Wang roughly translates to the character 网, meaning “website” in Chinese. As a domain name, .WANG is an opportunity to connect with the Chinese market online.

China has more internet users than any other country — with around 800 million users actively using the internet. Imagine reaching an audience this big!

.WANG is also a generic domain name. Whether you run a personal or business website, .WANG works well either way.

.WANG can be used to point to your existing address. Get in touch with our friendly support staff to learn how.

Crazy Domains is your trusted registrar for all .WANG domain names. Win over the Chinese market by registering your .WANG domain today.

  • .WANG is perfect for targeting the global Chinese market.
  • .WANG is a generic domain, making it memorable and easy to find online
  • .WANG is a great opportunity for businesses trading in or with China
  • .WANG personalizes websites owned by individuals or families named Wang