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.Rodeo domain name for everyone who loves rodeo competitions

Rodeo has been a popular sport in Australia since the 19th century, which is unsurprising given the Australian enthusiasm for anything remotely dangerous - second only to the Kiwis, who were the first to make bungee jumping into a sport.

In an ever-more digital world, rodeo gives competitors an opportunity to keep in touch with their bushman or cowboy histories and skills, involving real physical activities and real animals. Not altogether unlike professional wrestling or politics, rodeo is a subtle blend of both performance and contest.

If you organise, promote or participate in rodeos, saddle up and get corral yourself a new .RODEO domain from Crazy Domains.

  • .RODEO is for anyone organising or promoting rodeo competitions.
  • .RODEO is for everyone participating in rodeos, for fun or profit.
  • .RODEO is the domain name for anyone who loves or is connected to rodeos.
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