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.Media domain for the mass communications industry

Collectively, we refer to television, radio, and newspapers as "the media" - and we can include internet news sites under this umbrella. But "media" is wider than just these official mass communications tools, media is also the medium of expression, like a picture.

Cave paintings can be considered the earliest form of media - predating the written word by a long way, these were both media like newspapers are for us today, but also the medium. Multimedia in those times would have involved combining rock paintings with blowing shells and perhaps drums made out of animal skins.

The .MEDIA web domain is the ideal TLD for media production companies, as well as anyone with their own media to share and promote.

  • .MEDIA is for media agencies big and small to promote their services.
  • .MEDIA is also for media companies, including publishers, television production and radio producers.
  • .MEDIA is the domain for anyone with media of their own to share and promote.
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