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.Immo domain for "immobilier", the word in sophisticated real estate

.IMMO, short for "immobilier", is the word for real estate in French, German and Italian: high growth markets in some of the world's best-run economies.

Humans have been building homes for about 500,000 years; ever since they thought "I can do better than this cave, I'll make something" it's crazy, but true.

Everyone building in Berlin, making mansions in Montmartre or flats in Florence can make their home online with .IMMO.

If you're in the European real estate business, you need to show that you mean business: with your .IMMO domain.

  • .IMMO is the word for real estate in French, Italian and German.
  • .IMMO tells your customers and investors "I'm speaking your language".
  • .IMMO is the quick and easy way to make your home online.
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