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.Haus domain name for in the German real estate business

Haus is the German word for house. We're not talking about your stock-standard out-of-the-box house, here. The word conjures up ideas of European style and elegance and sets you apart from your competitors.

.HAUS is ideal for builders, real estate agents - but it's not for just anyone in the real estate business. Ask yourself: do you deal in houses, in properties, or do you deal in homes? If you make houses into homes, this is for you. If you are involved in property the German-speaking world, so much the better.

Show your customers you're speaking their language with .HAUS

  • .HAUS means house or home in GERMAN.
  • .HAUS transcends languages and cultures, conjuring up images of sophistication and elegance.
  • .HAUS is for anyone in the real estate business who takes pride in their style.
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