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.dental Domain Name Registration

.Dental domain name for everyone involved with dentistry

The history of dental practice is almost as ancient as the history of humanity and civilisation. Archaeologists agree that dental treatment began when our early human ancestors experimented on sabre-toothed mammals and woolly mammoths.

You can decide for yourself how successful this early dental industry was by the number of woolly mammoths that today roam the arctic tundra.

On the other hand, humans flourished and modern dental practices are nothing to look down in the mouth about. Dental treatment today is better than ever before, and is agreed to be important for our overall health. If you are a dentist or dental practice, make sure you own wide and get your .DENTAL web domain from Crazy Domains.

  • .DENTAL is the ideal web domain for private dentist practices.
  • .DENTAL isn't just for the practices, dentists and members of dental teams can also get their own dental domain name.
  • .DENTAL is also for related associations and organisations.