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.ac Domain Name Registration

.AC domain name for academic institutions, accounting, and more

.AC is a popular domain extension for websites catering to different industries such as academics and accounting.

.AC can also be used by electric companies with an interest in alternating current and air conditioning. Notice how all those can be abbreviated to AC?

.AC is an abbreviation for Ascension Island as well. It's perfect for businesses, organisations, and individuals to strengthen their local presence in the region.

Now it's your turn — what can you do with .AC? Register your own .AC domain with Crazy Domains now!

  • .AC is perfect for students and professors to connect with each another online.
  • .AC provides an online platform for businesses, organisations, and individuals in the academic, accounting and consulting industry.
  • .AC is an ideal choice for providers involved in air conditioning and alternating current technology.
  • .AC can be used for domain hacks — register for zodi.AC or alman.AC!
  • .AC presents an opportunity to build a local presence in Ascension Island.