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When will my website be visible in search results?

After you have used Traffic Booster to submit your website to search engines, they will send bots called spiders or crawlers to index your site.

Indexing is how search engines understand what your site is about. Since they want to give the most relevant results for each search, this is very important.

Afterwards, they will use a varity of factors to rank your site. Ranking factors are different for each search engine, but most of them include the following:

Inbound Links The number and quality of links that point toward your site.
Internal Links How well your site's pages link to each other, the navigability of your site.
Content Length and Quality Search engines prefer in-depth content that includes a lot of relevant information.
Page Loading Speed How quickly your site responds - at Crazy Domains, we've got this covered!
Keyword Usage Partial and exact matches with what people are searching for.
Relevant Meta Tags The HTML tags that inform the search engine what your site is about.

There are more than 200 factors that Google alone uses, though, so we won't give an exhaustive list right now.

Unfortunately, we can't speed up the submission process or guarantee a listing. Most times, your website is placed instantly.

Sometimes it can take up to 6-8 weeks, depending on the search engine, directory rules and robot crawlers.

New search engines are added monthly to keep your site visible through the world directories and search engines.

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