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When Should I See Improvements in My Rankings

After publishing your optimised website online, when should you see improvements in your website rankings?

There are two things to keep in mind when it comes to SEO:

  1. SEO takes time. Don't make the mistake of thinking that results will be instant. You won’t get to the top search engine result page overnight.  SEO will take time and effort. Wanting fast results may take a toll on your website rankings and later affect your online business profile. Google’s algorithms will know good SEO content and bad SEO content. You’ll start to see results in your website’s SEO between 3 and 6 months of continuous optimisation.
  2. SEO is endless. Considering the changes in search engines and people’s search practices, there are no shortcuts to achieving a successful SEO. To be on top of your SEO, you’ll need to create, implement, and analyse strategies and action plans. If there are no improvements in your site rankings, you need to revisit and make adjustments to your strategy and action plans to achieve your goals.

Now, here’s how can you improve site rankings when using Simple SEO and Managed SEO.


For Simple SEO

First, you’ll need to access your Online Marketing Hub dashboard to get started.

On the dashboard, click Open on the Simple SEO option on the domain you want to manage. And go to the Available Actions tab to optimise your website.

Screenshot of CD Online Marketing Hub Simple Seo Open Button

After planning which actions to make, you’ll find them under the Planned Actions tab once you click Add to Plan. When you finish your planned actions, you can mark them as done and they’re automatically added to Completed Actions. You can monitor the progress of your actions in the Results tab. It shows the information on how many of your keywords currently rank in search engines along with their ranking position. Take note that keyword rankings may increase or decrease depending on search engine algorithms, and people’s search behaviour.

Health Check Actions are also available in Simple SEO. They are general website housekeeping actions that affect your website performance. Viewing and managing the Health Check Results lets you find what you need to fix in your website – like broken links, scripting issues, missing meta data, and more. With easy access to this information, you’ll get a better view of which area of your strategy or keywords need an update.


For Managed SEO

On top of optimising your website performance, our SEO Team will provide updates on its progress through ranking reports. Reports will be sent based on your Managed SEO plan – quarterly for Bronze while monthly for Silver and Gold.

Your website’s keyword rankings are shown in the reports. From this, you can ask your dedicated SEO specialist which keywords to update when they don’t work. Remember that no changes will be made to optimise your website without your approval.

Learn about what your SEO specialist expects from you.



Overall, SEO is a unified system. It takes time to show results – about 3 and 6 months – and needs endless updates of keywords, URLs, meta descriptions, and useful content.

On the other hand, if your website is new and is not showing up in search engines yet, read and learn in this guide how long it takes for your website to appear in search results.

However, if you need further assistance or if you have any questions related to our SEO tools, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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