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How To Set Up the Reseller Storefront

The Reseller Storefront is where you showcase your products to visually attract clients to your business. It's the website they visit to check out products, plan specifications, and prices per plan. And, it's also where they can create an account or log in to their existing accounts to make purchases.

By default, the Reseller Storefront is white-labelled and it has no branding. An example can be found here.

You have the option to leave the storefront white-labelled or customise it to suit your business' brand.

7 Quick Steps to Set up Your Storefront

Follow these instructions to get your store up and running in just 7 easy steps:

  1. Using your chosen browser, navigate to the following address: http://www.secureapi.com.au/reseller
  2. Enter your Reseller Account username and password, then click Log In.
  3. Hover your cursor over the Account Settings tab from the top menu and over the Storefront option, then click General Setup.
  4. Click on the Update link corresponding to the General Setup section and refer to the table below for your settings, then click the Save button when done.
    Storefront Name Enter your business name.
    Storefront Status Ensure that the Activate option is ticked.
    Domain Name Select this option and enter an existing domain/subdomain that you'd like to use for your storefront.
    Free Address Select this option and enter your desired online storefront address to use with our free .secureapi.com.au subdomain, e.g. "mybusiness.secureapi.com.au"
    Log Out Redirect Page Enter the website address of the page to show once your customers log out of your store.

    Important: When using your own domain/subdomain, please contact your domain hosting provider and have them set the following records for your domain:

    • A Record for yourdomain.com (replace "yourdomain" with your actual domain name) - set to
    • CName Record for www.yourdomain.com - set to storefront.ds.network

    If there are other records connected to the following IP addresses: and, please replace them with the CName Record provided above.

  5. Scroll down to the Products section and tick/untick the box beside each Domain, Hosting, and other Products/Services that you'd like to offer in your store, then click the Update button at the bottom of the list to save.
  6. Click on the Update link corresponding to the following sections to make changes and click the Save button when done.
    Currency & Tax Set your tax information.
    Contact Page Set the contact details that you want to display for your clients.
    Tracking Codes Select your preferred Tracking Type and enter the Site ID for Web Analytics or the corresponding tracking codes for Google Analytics.
  7. On the Payment Gateways section, tick the box beside the payment method/s that you wish to offer to your clients and click Save when done.

There you have it. Now that you're done, the next step is to customise your storefront so it matches your branding. Happy selling!

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