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How To Check Customer Invoices

One of the many features of your Reseller Console is being able to view your clients’ invoices. You are also given the option to download a PDF copy or have a printed copy of the invoice, if needed.

Refer to the instructions below to check on your customer invoices:

  1. Using your chosen browser, navigate to the following address: http://www.secureapi.com.au/reseller
  2. Enter your Reseller Account username and password and click Log In.
  3. Under the Finances tab, select Invoices.
  4. Select the month and year from the drop-down list on the right-hand section of the page and click APPLY.
  5. Click on the [+] plus symbol on the left-hand section of the page, or on any of the details on a specific column, to show a summary of the domain/hosting/product/service purchased. Click on the blue PDF icon beside the Payment column to download a PDF copy of a specific invoice.
  6. Under the Invoice # column, click on the blue code to view the full details of a specific invoice. Click on the blue Printer icon to print a copy of this invoice.

Congratulations! You just checked your customer’s invoices.

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