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If you’re interested in listing your business online, but don’t know where to start or what tool to use, don’t worry because Crazy Domains got you covered.

We have partnered with Top4 - a digital marketing service that can help you head start in promoting your products on different social media platforms across the web.

The goal of this article is to guide you on how to get started with using Top4. We’ll help you optimise your business profile, achieve better ranking in search engines, and boost your website traffic instantly — all in one place, in a cost-efficient way.


1. Access Top4

To access the Top4 account manager page, first, you need to sign up your domain name and activate the Domain Listing service in your account. This enables you to manage your business listing, like adding products and services, posting contents, and optimising your business information. Refer to the following guide to learn more:


2. Optimise Your Business Listing using Top4

You want to add information to your business profile to give your audience a summary of what your business is about and what they can expect from you. Optimising your business information includes branding, writing your business overview, adding relevant photos to your gallery, among others. The information submitted will then be used to analyse which audience to target to help you increase traffic to your website and eventually increase revenue.

Follow our guide below and learn a few tips on how to effectively optimise your business listing to achieve your online goal:



3. Add Products in Top4

After adding business information to your Top4 profile, it’s ideal to start adding in products to display your products and services online. Refer to the following guide to know how:


4. Post Content on Top4

Make your listing more engaging to your audience by posting contents about your products and services in Top4. You can create blog entries, share testimonies from clients, or add more information about your listing Start adding content by following this guide:


After implementing all the steps in this guide, Top4 will do the rest for you in helping you widen your reach online and achieve better rankings in search engine results pages . We’ll be here to make sure you up your online business game and that you are seen by your target audience.

For any assistance or questions about Top4 service, please contact our customer support.

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