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Manage business calls anywhere with a virtual phone number.
Reach More Customers
with SmartCall

Connect with local and international customers – no expensive phone systems and shocking long-distance bills needed.

Setup your virtual number in minutes. Enjoy features like time-based call forwarding, voicemail alerts, and real-time access to your call records. Provide better customer care, boost productivity, and manage call and customer data better with SmartCall. You’ll never have to worry about receiving calls on your personal phone line – or missing out on an important one.

How To Get Started

Choose a package

Select a plan that best suits your business needs.

Step 1
Select a city and country

Enter the city and country where you’d like to set up your virtual number in.

Step 2
Select a country and number for call-forwarding

Enter the number and country where you want your call to be forwarded to.

Step 3
Start Managing Your Calls

Your list of numbers can be accessible via your personal SmartCall account.

Step 4
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Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Simple plans.
Simple pricing


100 mins Included
1 (AU Landline) DDI
$0.0995/min Included
$0.07/min Over Plan


250 mins Included
1 (AU Landline) DDI
$0.0678/min Included
$0.065/min Over Plan


1,000 mins Included
1 (AU Landline) DDI
$0.0649/min Included
$0.06/min Over Plan
Features You’ll
Absolutely Love
Get a Virtual Number
Virtual numbers make you accessible by phone anytime while allowing you to set up available business hours.
Virtual Number Forwarding
SmartCall forwards calls to mobile or any device you have at present.
Call Beep
Be one step ahead of customers. Identify incoming business-related calls with call beeps.
View Call Records
View call records — including time of call, number, duration, and status (missed or taken).
Call management system
Manage business calls whenever you want by accessing the SmartCall control panel.
Time-based Call Forwarding
Manage when you want to take calls by forwarding them to different numbers, specific employees or departments.
Call Queuing
Don’t lose potential customers — place incoming calls on queue when your lines are busy.
Destination Number
Set the destination of your virtual phone number in real-time — no need to wait for your landline providers.
Instant Activation
No need for lengthy setup times — instantly add and activate your virtual number after purchasing a plan.
Manage Business
Communications Effectively
Expand your business and reach new markets with our intuitive virtual phone system
Manage calls on-the-go

Stop worrying about missing business calls. Give yourself and your employees the flexibility of tracking and managing calls via different devices including mobile, desktop, and tablet.


Maximise your budget with simple and affordable monthly plans. No need to pay for setup fees or expensive phone equipment. You also get to cut hefty costs for long-distance calls – saving you and your customers’ money.

Establish a local and global presence

Assign phone numbers that are specific to a region or country. A local virtual number helps you gain trust and credibility among prospects.

Your private number stays private

Avoid getting calls on your personal number with a dedicated business line.

Virtual numbers also protect you from scammers and prank callers who might try to reach your personal number. Be one step ahead of malicious callers by checking and recording their caller ID.

See What
Our Customers
Are Saying
”Very impressed with the product and simple features. You guys have a great virtual phone system. I would recommend you.”
Philip C.
“I have found SmartCall to be the best integrated telephone number service providing features to track calls.”
Jane G.
“I must mention the customer service from SmartCall has made the purchase process straight forward and easy to understand. Support has been extremely helpful. Keep up the good work.”
Oliver D.
Your Questions,
Our Answers

What is a virtual number?

Without being tied to a physical location, a Virtual Number lets you receive calls on your preferred device anytime, anywhere.

SmartCall provides you with a local (or international) phone number. You get to forward calls to different devices without limiting yourself to a specific destination.

What numbers can I get?

SmartCall provides a range of local and call forwarding numbers in over 1,220 cities and 60 countries worldwide.

Do I get charged if I use more than my monthly minutes?

When your minutes run low — we will notify you. Once your monthly minutes are exhausted, the number will stop working. At this point, you can top up your credit.

You can find your cost per minute by accessing your online control panel.

How many phone numbers can I have for my account?

You get one number per subscription and pay for any additional numbers. Just log into your Member Account and click “Add New Number”.

How do I know my monthly pricing?

Check your monthly charges by logging in to your online control panel or Member Account, under the heading “Billing/Invoices”.

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