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What is the difference between Template and Layout in Sitebeat

In essence, a Website Template is actually a ready-made Web Design that is preformatted with a Layout that matches a certain theme. While these terms can be interchangeable in some cases, the Sitebeat Website Builder Platform does use them quite differently. Below is a clear definition of each in relation to how they are used in Sitebeat.

What is a Template?

Templates for websites are basically predesigned Layout, which are comprehensive and have the essential display features of a functional website. They allow you to easily plug your own content into the Template, saving you the time and hassle of having to start from scratch, that is using codes and scripts or having the need to hire a Web Developer.

Website Template in Sitebeat are meticulously planned Layouts, which have been designed to match different businesses, blogs, and portfolios. They are created to help make website-building easy and free-flowing, and are preformatted with the latest Web Design trends that will best get your target audience's attention, making it a great starting point for just about anyone wanting to get online.

If you think building a website is just beyond your abilities and is just too complicated for your liking, then what you need is a Website Builder with the Templates readily available for you to select from.

What is a Layout?

With the definition above in mind, we can say that a Template is a type of Layout, and a Layout technically has to do with the design and the elements used to achieve the design.

In Sitebeat, you are able to select a Template then customise the Layout to match your brand and bring your dream website to life. You can easily drag and drop Sitebeat Features, which are elements of a Layout that you can add to your website. And, if you're in a rush, you can drag and drop Blocks, which are sections of a website that you can quickly replace, like the Menu section or the Header.

Congratulations! You just learned the difference between a Template and a Layout in Sitebeat.

TIP: If you're looking into finding a template-based Website Builder to use in creating your website, look for one which has a Responsive Web Design like Sitebeat. This type of design provides you with Templates that automatically transforms the design to match the gadget used in viewing your site. You don't have to worry about how your site is going to look like on a Laptop, Tablet, or Phone as opposed to how you see it on your Desktop. Sitebeat's Responsive Design will do the work for you.

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