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What is the best SSL Certificate for my business?

All SSL Certificates will provide an encrypted link between your website and your customer's browser. This is done to make sure that communications are secure and to assure your users that anything they submit through your site will not be hijacked en route.

We offer 3 types of SSL Certificates, each of which suits a different type of business.

Standard SSL

Standard SSL is a Domain Validation certificate, the most basic level of SSL validation. It works for a single website and verifies that your domain is genuine. For most small business sites that do not deal with sensitive information this type of certificate is fine, and it features the familiar green padlock and https connection type.

Premium SSL

Featuring the strongest possible levels of encryption, combined with the latest EV technology, deliver a new level of trust to your web site. This type of certificate includes the assurance that your business is real and genuine, not simply that the connection with your users is secure. If you handle any type of sensitive information, this type of certificate is preferable.

Wildcard SSL

This is the strongest type of SSL encryption. It is an Organizationally Validated SSL certificate. This is ideal for service providers who need to transmit sensitive data on their server such as credit card numbers and contact information. It also includes SSL validation for multiple subdomains.

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