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What is Exchange Task

The list goes on for everyone –including Email Exchange. Its feature (what it can do for you) extends to traditional emailing to a multitasking interface.

If you have lingered across this site for some time, you might have a hint of the dynamic feature of Email Exchange. To add to the list, there’s another feature called Exchange Task.

What it is and what it does are implied on its name, Task, yet it does not sum up what it can do for your convenience. Sure, you can create to-dos using Exchange Task but there’s a lot more! Exchange Task can also:

  • Remind About Your Tasks. Probably the most important tool for every task application. Reminders can be set by date, time and even your preferred sound.
  • Turn Emails to To-dos. With a few clicks, you can transfer emails from your inbox to a task. Result, you won’t have to forget necessary tasks sent via email.
  • Manage Tasks. Organize your tasks by setting priorities, deadlines and color-coding.
  • Customize Necessary Fields. Add or remove columns in your task interface, whichever you think is necessary.
  • Update Task Status. Keep track of your assignments and tasks by percent complete or status fields.
  • Trace Time. You can track the time needed for a project (Total Work) and the time used for a project (Actual Work).
  • Collaborate on Common Tasks. Share common tasks in real-time for team projects, assignments and tasks.
  • Export Tasks. For whatever reasons, you can export data from Task to a spreadsheet.

If you are new or familiar with Exchange, you are encourage to explore its functions for optimal use. You might as well start with Exchange Task, and get organised!

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