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What is an Addon Domain?

An Addon Domain is way of adding a new site to your Web Hosting account. It is treated by your visitors as a separate site with its own domain and content, but it is created on your main hosting account as a subdirectory in your public_html folder.

An Addon Domain differs from a Subdomain because it has its own separate domain that must be registered. This means that you can host additional domains from your account if your Web Hosting plan allows it. For example, you can host and using the same Web Hosting.

Please note that if you want to register common misspellings of a site to protect your brand (as we recommend), it is better to do a 301 redirect from your other domains without creating duplicate versions of your site. Addon Domains should be separate sites with unique content and themes.

The Addon Domain feature is not available in all of our Web Hosting plans. Please see the details of your Web Hosting plan for details. You can upgrade your Web Hosting at any time within your Account Manager.

If you would like to create one, please see the guides below:

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