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What Can Be Backed up Using Site Backup

Site Backup safeguards your entire site with automatic backups so your website files, folders, and databases are safe and restorable anytime. This way, in case your website gets hacked or by human error it gets messed up, your online assets are protected.

Site Backup tool helps you to do all the work for you. As it is easy for you to schedule it to daily, weekly, or monthly backup for all of your website files and database files. Meaning, it can backup images, text, videos, etc. You can visit our linked guides below to learn:

Important: To successfully backup your database using Site Backup and active database has to be created. If you haven't created one yet, visit our linked guide to learn How to Manage your MySQL Database.

Other Uses of Site Backup

Aside from the automatic backup offered by Site Backup, we recommend it for the following reasons:

Schedules Backups You may schedule backups to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
Secures Backups Provides strong encryption to protect your data.
1-click Download Access your backup anytime and anywhere with 1-click download.
1-click Restore Restore your website files and databases with just a click.
Monitors Website Browsing Integrated with Google’s Safe Browsing. If Google deems your site as unsafe for browsing, you will be notified.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance, or if you have any question. We’d love to help!

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