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What Error 500 on wp-admin means 272 liked

Error 500 is an internet error code that means the server is encountering issues but it can't state its cause. Read more.

What is WordPress Hosting? 170 liked

If you have a WordPress site, or will create one, you can host it in our WordPress Hosting. Read further to know more about it.

Where can I find the link to the WordPress Admin dashboard? 50 liked

You can easily access your WordPress Admin dashboard through your Account Manager. This article shows you the steps how.

How to fix WordPress plugin errors 56 liked

To fix plugin error, simply locate the plugin causing the problem and deactivate it.

How to fix Wordpress white screen of death? 50 liked

If your WordPress website is displaying a white blank page, follow these steps to troubleshoot your site.

How to activate/deactivate plugin in WordPress 62 liked

Plugins add features and extend functionality in WordPress website. You can activate or deactivate plugins in WordPress dashboard.

How to Restore WordPress Site 56 liked

This article features steps on how to restore a WordPress site.

Which are the blacklisted plugins in Wordpress? 74 liked

Optimized WordPress hosting has a list of blacklisted plugins to help you optimize the performance of your site. Check here.

How does Staging work on WordPress hosting 50 liked

A staging site is a duplicate or a clone of your live website. This article teaches you how to create your own staging site.

How to update themes in WordPress 50 liked

It is recommended that you update WordPress theme regularly to avoid glitches and improve your site's performance.

Where Do I Find the Credentials to Connect to SFTP in WordPress Hosting? 14 liked

This article teaches you how to view your credentials in order to connect to SFTP.

How to Change the Main Domain Name for WordPress Site 56 liked

This article provides instructions on how to change your main domain name for your WordPress site on your Account Manager.

How can I install (Setup) new WordPress site 50 liked

Automatic installation of WordPress comes after you create your own account. Follow these easy steps to help you out.

How to get access to the Wordpress hosting Database 8 liked

This article provides you with steps on how to access the WordPress hosting database through your Account Manager.

How to transfer your WordPress Site to our WordPress Hosting 15 liked

The easiest way to transfer your WordPress site to our WordPress hosting is through automatic migration script. Here's how:

How to add www to WordPress site domain name 68 liked

This article features instructions how to add the www prefix to your WordPress site domain name.

How to reset WordPress Hosting password 50 liked

You can reset or change your WordPress Hosting password by requesting from WordPress or using phpMyAdmin. Here's how.

How do I get the WordPress home path that I need to transfer from another hosting provider? 56 liked

You need to locate your home path to enable WordPress hosting transfer. Here’s how you can get it:

How to add several domains to my WordPress site 80 liked

This article features steps on how to add several domains to your WordPress site through the member's area.

How to transfer a large WordPress site to the WordPress hosting 80 liked

This article contains the steps you can follow to transfer a large WordPress site to a new WordPress hosting.

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