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Getting started guide: Site Protection 287 liked

Crazy Domains's Site Protection application was designed to scan identify, report and fix malware/virus issues within your site.

What does Site Protection monitor? 130 liked

Your site is automatically set up to be monitored daily. Site Protection will run Malware, Whois, SSL, DNS, and Blacklisting scans and report any infections when they occur.

I have a Malware infection and I have Site Protection 40 liked

The Site Protection plan offers malware remediation, meaning we will fix any infections on your site. Due to the number of vulnerabilities that can occur it is not possible to stop all infections.

Site Scanner panel still says Infected 27 liked

If you received a notice indicating we have cleaned your site but the Site Scanner panel still says your site is infected, give the tool some time to rescan your site and it should update the status.

Site Broken After Malware Removal: What to Do? 33 liked

If you received a notice that we've cleaned your site but do not see changes, clear your cache & run a new scan to get new results

What are the Different Site Protection Alerts? 36 liked

The Site Protection scanner will alert you of different types of errors. Get quick explanations of those alerts & what you can do.

Status is Fixed But Website Isn't Clean: What to Do? 8 liked

If you received a notice that we've cleaned your site but do not see changes, clear your cache & run a new scan to get new results

How to remove Malware infection from your site 26 liked

If you have a Malware infection this means your site has been hacked. You will need to request a cleanup via your Account Manager.

How to change the Monitoring Frequency 20 liked

The site scanner is set up to monitor and scan your site every 24 hours. This can be changed in your Site Protection panel.

How to stay clean from Malware 119 liked

There are always steps that can be taken to ensure security. This guide contains tips to ensure your site keeps clear of Malware.

How to scan and detect Malware 44 liked

Site Protection has scanners that identify infections, harmful signatures on websites, & code anomalies that may not be known.

My site is infected and I have no alerts 26 liked

If your site has been infected or hacked but you have not received an alert, please check your junk/spam folders, then contact us for help.

How to Setup Server Side Scanning? 40 liked

Server Side Scanning will remotely monitor your site every 3-6 hours. You can manage it via the Account Manager.

How to Remove Malware Infection From My Website? 38 liked

If after our Malware removal/cleanup your site is reinfected, open a new request ticket & explain what happened so we can help.

How to setup Site Protection 80 liked

When you apply for Site Protection, your site will be automatically setup for scanning & monitoring. Here's how to manage it.

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