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SEO & Managed SEO Tool 75 liked

Getting to know our SEO and Managed SEO Tool. This guide will help you start where and how to optimise your website.

The SEO Glossary Terms Part 1 393 liked

Too much hassle for looking up SEO terms online? We got all the SEO terms you need to know all in one place - The SEO Glossary.

The SEO Glossary Terms Part 2 330 liked

A continuation of our SEO Glossary Terms Part 1. Familiarise yourself with these SEO terms while optimising your website.

How to Choose your Keywords for SEO 154 liked

Learn how the factors in getting to the top SERPs is choosing the right keywords for your content in this article

SEO vs Managed SEO 84 liked

Manage the tool yourself with our SEO plans, or get a dedicated SEO expert to implement actions for you with our Managed SEO plans

How to View & Manage Health Check Results 148 liked

After project setup via Simple SEO tool, wait 30 minutes for the health check results to appear & use this guide to manage them.

SEO vs Traffic Booster 78 liked

This guide will provide a comparison between SEO and Traffic Booster tool. To help you achieve your online business visibility.

Why Choose Our SEO Tool 78 liked

Ask yourself these top 5 questions to help guide you through choosing the best SEO tool for your business.

What Your SEO Specialist Expects from You 90 liked

If you've purchased a Managed SEO plan, your dedicated SEO Expert will also need you to be involved to achieve your goals.

How to Implement SEO Actions 71 liked

Our Simple SEO tool makes implementing SEO tasks easy with Action Cards that provide complete, step-by-step instructions.

The SEO Tool & How It Works 43 liked

The Crazy Domains SEO tool will help your website get better visibility and ranking in search engines. Learn how it works here.

When Do I Receive Reports and How 36 liked

Implementing a project for your website is the start but you continue improving your site rankings through our SEO reports

How to Build an SEO Action Plan 91 liked

The SEO tool runs a health & competitor check on your website & tells you what needs to be done. Plan your actions with this guide

What to Expect from Our SEO Specialists 35 liked

Our SEO Specialists are happy and ready to assist you 24/7, and your dedicated specialist will ensure that you hit your goals.

The SEO Tool Key Features 36 liked

The SEO tool is developed by Crazy Domains with all the features you need to optimise your website’s full capability.

Why Do I Need an SEO Tool 28 liked

The SEO tool is an all-in-one service that analyses your website and provides step-by-step guides to boost your ranking online.

Can I Use One SEO Tool for Multiple Websites 28 liked

The SEO tool can only run a project for a website ( and its subdirectories ( at the same time.

How to Get Started with the SEO Tool 29 liked

Get started with our SEO tool to optimise your own website and ensure that you increase your ranking in search engines.

Can I Update Keywords Anytime 99 liked

Yes, you can. Learn the best practice for updating keywords and tips for keyword research by reading through this guide.

How to Set up an SEO Project 15 liked

Set up an SEO project to get started with optimising your website. Here's a quick guide to help you out.

How Long Will It Take for My Website to Appear on Search Results 141 liked

Your website is up. You've implemented actions and steps to optimise it for search engines. But why isn't it showing up on Google?

How to Access the SEO Tool 8 liked

Learn how to access your new self-managed SEO tool to get started with improving your website's visibility online.

Will SEO Guarantee the Top Ranking of My Website 43 liked

Learn how to reach your goal in reaching to the top search engine results page by using our SEO tools.

How to Renew My SEO plan 22 liked

Learn how to renew your SEO plan and understand why you need to renew your plan to improve and get a better site rankings

How Can I Change the Monthly Budget that I Subscribe to 15 liked

Changing on your monthly budget plan for your website SEO we got you covered, learn how to modify your SEO plan in this guide

Will My SEO Specialist Also Be Working on My Website 8 liked

Yes and No. Your SEO Specialist will be implementing SEO Actions which may require making changes to your website to some extent.

Should I Start My SEO Project Before My Website Is Built 22 liked

You can use the tool even when you're still building your website, although ideally, it's best that you work on your website first

When Should I See Improvements in My Rankings 40 liked

This solely depends on how you implement the right strategies for optimising your website. Learn what factors affect SEO here.

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