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Getting started guide: Resellers 82 liked

Welcome to your new Reseller Account. We have created this comprehensive guide to get you up and running quickly and easily.

What name servers should I use for the hosting plans? 1171 liked

Your name servers depend on if you use Windows/Linux web hosting, Email Exchange or DNS hosting. This article will guide you which name servers apply.

How to set Default Name servers for domains ordered through the Reseller Account 128 liked

Name Servers are used to point a domain name to an IP address.

Why are Australian business details required for registering .AU domains? 36 liked

All .AU domain names must be associated to a registered Australian entity (company, business, organisation, etc). Without applicable details we cannot proceed with the domain registration.

Configure and select Payment Gateways 39 liked

In the Reseller system, the payment options available for your clients are Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard and AMEX) and PayPal.

Where is Reseller Live Chat support 57 liked

To keep you running and supported 24/7, we offer Live Chat Support with dedicated Reseller experts, eager to provide you help.

Where can I publish the banner or text Ads? 95 liked

The banner and text Ads use common HTML: this means that anywhere that accepts HTML code will display your Ad.

Does your company have a Reseller plan? 10 liked

Yes, we offer an advanced Reseller turnkey solution for reselling domain names and hosting services.

Paying Reseller credit and commission 10 liked

Once you start processing sales, you will begin to receive commission and your account will accumulate Reseller credit.

Who do I contact for Reseller support? 10 liked

We have a dedicated team of Reseller experts, ready and eager to assist you on your Reseller Account queries.

Creating a client Member Account 177 liked

You can manually set up your clients' Member Account in the Reseller Console, to allow them to log in and manage their accounts.

Do you have an API I can integrate into my management system? 93 liked

Yes, we have an API which allows you to control all aspects of your website's integration with our Reseller system. You can download to API guide via the link within this article.

How to manage, register or renew your clients Products 141 liked

The Reseller Console is a platform that gives you a comprehensive collection of online products and services at wholesale rates.

Why can't I register domains or products with my Reseller username? 170 liked

You cannot make any purchases directly using your Reseller Account details, instead they must be attached to a member created within your Reseller Account.

How to check customer invoices 170 liked

One of the many features of your Reseller Console is being able to view your clients’ invoices. Refer to the instructions here.

How do I login to my Reseller Console? 254 liked

You can login to the Reseller Console using any internet browser. See this guide for instructions.

Transfer from Crazy Domains to the Reseller System 329 liked

We require you to send us a formal request through email using the account email address on file or verifying your account password over the phone before we can proceed.

How to setup WHMCS module 242 liked

WHMCS is an alternative solution for domain management, billing, and support for online businesses. Here's how to set it up.

How to manage domains in your Reseller Account 362 liked

The Reseller Console provides a quick and simple method to manage all of your clients and their Domains and Products.

How to add Reseller credit 449 liked

We recommend keeping a balance of $500 USD to ensure a streamlined process. Here is how you can add Reseller credit:

How to brand the Reseller Storefront 588 liked

Once the Reseller Storefront has been set up, the next step is to customise it to suit your branding.

How to setup Reseller Pricing and Rates 637 liked

The default prices of the Reseller Console are set to a 10% profit margin. Follow these steps to alter your Retail Pricing.

How to setup your Reseller Account 701 liked

Before getting started, there are a few account matters that should be completed. This guide will help you get you started.

Can customers transfer their domain away? 614 liked

A client can transfer their domain names at any time and are not required to make you aware of the request. This is part of domain name policy that is applied by the governing bodies of TLDs.

How to set domain renewal pricing 891 liked

If you would like a specific client to renew at a different Retail Price, here is how you can fix the pricing:

How to transfer a .CO.UK domain 872 liked

To transfer a .CO.UK domain, select Transfer Domains under the Domains section within the Reseller Console, then update the IPS tags for the domain name to CRAZYDOMAINS-AE.

How to setup the Reseller Storefront 992 liked

The Reseller Storefront is where you showcase your products to visually attract clients to your business.

What is an EPP error on a domain and how can it be fixed? 1011 liked

An EPP error means we were unable to write a change to a domain registry. As a reseller you won’t be able to fix this, however we maintain a list of all current EPP errors and fix them ASAP.

How to brand your email templates 1352 liked

The Reseller emails can be customised, changing how it looks, to suit your business' branding. Here's how to brand your emails.