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Are there any hidden fees? 19 liked

There are NO hidden fees with our company. All possible fees are displayed within the domain names, web hosting and product pages.

Are there renewal fees for a Logo Design? 58 liked

No. Once you have purchased a Logo Design, the logo is yours. Only further alterations would incur further fees.

What is Page Editor? 60 liked

Page Editor is a Content Management System we provide you after your Website is finished. Page Editor will allow you to login and manage the content on your new website.

Can I add pages by myself? 120 liked

Extra pages cannot be added, these are fixed. If you'd like more pages you will need to upgrade your Website Design with additional pages within your Account Manager.

Can I cancel my Logo Design? 176 liked

Unfortunately, once the work has commenced we cannot process a full refund. Depending on how much work is done we may be able to apply a pro rata credit. Please check our terms and conditions.

Can I update the website design? 164 liked

When your Website Design is complete you can login to the Page Editor and update text and pictures at any time.

Who will write the text for my Website? 197 liked

The text content of the web site will be done by yourself. We will provide you the site design with dummy text which you can replace and update through the simple Page Editor.

Can I edit my Website Design when finished? 184 liked

When your Website Design is complete you can log in to the Page Editor and update text, pictures forms and more.

Can I have revision on my final Logo Design? 204 liked

After your logo has been finished and signed off, reopening a logo project will incur a further design charges at the current plan rate.

Will you supply photos for my website? 218 liked

We can provide up to 5 professional stock photos which will be used within your website design. You can also provide your own images during the design process.

What file formats will I receive my Logo? 244 liked

You will receive a Logo kit containing all media formats for Web, Print, TV and FAX and Font files when you logo has been finalized. This will include .JPG, .PNG and .EPS.

Who owns my website design? 225 liked

When you have your web site built using our Web Design service the site will be designed and hosted on our custom built content management system. In effect, you lease the use of the system and site.

Can I add a shopping cart on my website? 245 liked

There is currently no shopping cart or eCommerce facility available for the Custom Web Design platform.

Can I access my Website Design ftp? 214 liked

FTP access is NOT available on the Website Design platform. This is because the underlying software 'Page Editor' uses its own unique code and is copyrighted.

How does Web Design work? 286 liked

After processing your order you will receive a template for a creative brief. After receiving your feedback we will show you concepts which you can choose from and go through revision rounds to get your site built.

What are the limitations to Web Designs? 287 liked

The Web Design plans cater to the business owners who have limited design skills when it comes to creating a website. It means you can sit back and we'll do all the work.

How to add, edit photos with Page Editor 287 liked

You can add, place or change an image or photos simply by copy and pasting the image in to the editor field in the Page Editor. We recommend you use Mozilla Firefox for best results.

Can I add new buttons to my Website? 261 liked

Extra buttons cannot be added, these are fixed. If you require more pages you will need to purchase additional pages within your Account Manager.

Can I add pictures to my Website? 268 liked

Yes, we can include a photo gallery widget on your website, simply request this when compiling your website brief.

How to set your Maintenance mode in Page Editor 275 liked

You can set up your website in maintenance mode so it displays a coming soon page on your domain name, so visitors can see your website is being updated.

Can I add special scripts to my Web Design? 316 liked

If there is any specific script you require on your website, please speak with your dedicated project manager who can assist with any possibilities.

Can I add extra pages to my Website? 303 liked

Yes, if you'd like to add more pages to your website you can purchase additional pages through your Account Manager upgrade option.

How to manage my Website Design 69 liked

Once your website is complete you will be sent an email with your Page Editor username and password which will allow you to manage your website.

Do I need to renew my Web Design? 350 liked

No, there is no renewal for the website it’s yours... You will only need to renew the Web Hosting services which is connected to the Page Editor.

Can I set up email accounts with my website? 233 liked

Yes, all Website Design packages include Web and Email Hosting, allowing you to create email accounts.

Can I add more pages to my website design? 350 liked

Yes, if you'd like to add pages to your website you can do so using the Account Manager which will provide you options to buy additional pages for your website.

How to setup social links with Page Editor? 337 liked

You can set up your social networking settings and integration in the Social Networking tab under the My Settings section within the Page Editor.

I have web hosting, can I host the website design? 325 liked

Crazy Domains's Web Design service utilises a custom built content management system which is developed for reliability, security and efficiency. This can only run on our servers.

Do I need Web Hosting with my Web Design package? 371 liked

No, by purchasing any Web Design packages you will also purchase email and web hosting services.

Can you copy a Logo that is copyright? 372 liked

No, we do not infringe on any trademarks or copyright. We cannot create such logos unless you are the copyright or trademark owner.

Does my Logo Design have copyright? 372 liked

Your Logo Design is created uniquely for you using original ideas and creatives. You will own all rights of use to the logo, however further trademark or copyright protection is not applied by us.

Can I transfer my web design to another host? 379 liked

No, the code cannot be provided. They are dependent on the setup of our system used for Web Design.

Does your company have a Reseller plan? 347 liked

Yes, we offer an advanced Reseller turnkey solution for reselling domain names and hosting services.

How to change the website Contact information 415 liked

Your website contact details can be updated through the Page Editor in the menu My Settings by selecting Contact Details.

Can I get a copy of my website? 428 liked

Your site is built using our Page Editor and will only work in our Page Editor platform, so the website files will not work with another provider or designer.

Can I update my Website Design content? 435 liked

Yes, when your Website Design is complete you can log in to Page Editor and update text and pictures whenever you like.

Can I have the code to my Web Design? 463 liked

You website is built using our Page Editor and will only work in our Page Editor platform, so the website files will not work with another provider or designer.

How to setup the Contact Form in Page Editor 499 liked

This tutorial shows you how to setup the Contact Form settings within the Page Editor.

Does my Website Design come with email accounts? 933 liked

Yes, by purchasing Website Design you will also purchase Web and Email hosting allowing you complete control of your domains email configuration.

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