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How to Manage eShop Customers?

The Customers section allows you to easily manage your store clients. You can search for a specific customer using the search or filter features, view orders per customer and export the customers list to a CSV file.

Viewing Customers

To view your customers follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your Online Store Manager.
  2. Click Customers. The Customers table will display a list.

The following actions can be performed on each customer:


Change the name or email of the customer.


Remove the customer from the list.


Export can be done using the Export Selected button (check the box in the customer row to select specific customers to export), the Export All Found button (filter the customers using the filter tool and then export them) or the Export All button (export all the customers of the Online Store). When the Export Customers pop-up window appears, select the Delimiter character and the columns you wish to export. When done, click the Download CSV file button.

For advanced features and more information about different functions and setups you can reference the online help section within Website Builder.

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