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Install an SSL Certificate on a WHM/cPanel server

To follow the steps in this guide, you'll need to have access to the SSL Manager in WHM. If you don't have admin privileges, you won't be able to install an SSL Certificate and you'll have to get someone with adminstrative privileges to do it.

You also need to create a CSR before you install your certificate.

Step 1. Sign in to WHM.
Step 2. Click on the icon that says SSL/TLS.
  step 2
Step 3. Choose the Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain option from the choices that open.
  step 3
Step 4. In the field that's marked Domain enter the domain that you want to secure using SSL/TLS. This will fill in all the rest of the information for you automatically. You can also hit the Browse Certificates button and upload a certificate to fill in all the necessary information.
  step 4
Step 5. Enter an IP Address in the relevant field if you are securing a domain that isn't on your Crazy Domains account. Otherwise, leave this box blank.
Step 6. Paste the end entity/domain certificate in the Certificate box. You'll need to open the certificate in whatever text editor you prefer and copy/paste the text inside it into the box.
Step 7. In the Private Key box, copy the RSA private key. This key should have been generated when you created your CSR.
Step 8. Paste the contents of the yourWebsiteName.ca-bundle file in the box marked Certificate Authority Bundle. Use a text editor to retrieve its contents.

Note: If you did not received a ca-bundle file, you can download it from here.

Step 9. Hit Install.

Congratulations, you're done. The SSL Certificate is now on your server and operates on the correct domain.

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