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How To Verify ID Using Nametag

Starting 07 August 2023, we will use Nametag to verify the customer's identity for processes that require the collection of IDs (For ex., Change of Domain Ownership, Change of Email Address On File). We will no longer accept IDs sent directly through email. Read on to learn more about the new procedure.

What is Nametag?

We can authenticate your identity while preserving your personal information and account with the help of Nametag. With its enhanced security features, Nametag allows us to confirm your identification faster and more conveniently. We will no longer request a photo or copy of your ID through email, protecting your personal information and account.

How Do I Verify My ID?

To verify your ID, follow the instructions below:

  1. Check your email. Look for the email that contained a one-time link to the Nametag application.
  2. On your computer or mobile device, click the link. Scanning the QR code on your mobile device will allow you to access the program if you are using a computer.
  3. Nametag will request that you scan your identification and take a selfie.
    Scan your ID:
    Screenshot of Nametag Scan your ID

    Take a Selfie:
    Screenshot of Nametag Take a Selfie

  4. To authenticate your identity, click Share.

We will then check to see if your ID has been validated. Visit Nametag for more information about Nametag's Privacy Policy.

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