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How to set up a cron job

You can set up cron jobs via the Hosting Manager. Within your Hosting Manager, under Advanced, you can set up cron jobs to run Unix commands and/or automate the execution of your PHP, Perl, or Python Scripts.

Below is an understanding how the commands work. For a detailed explanation on how to create a cron job, see our guide on how to run a cron job.

The command contains two parts:

[program to execute (perl/pyth./php)] [switches] [script]

The program to run will specify the type of script you are running and will either be:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Perl/CGI Scripts (should be in cgi-bin with permission 755)

The script will need to be set on the direct path where it is located on our server, for example: /home/username/public_html/path/to/script, with username being your username.

Run a PHP script:

php -q /home/username/public_html/scripts/testrun.php

Run a Python script:

python /home/username/public_html/path/to/script

Run a Perl/CGI scripts:


Understanding the User Agent String

We have disabled the wget command for security purposes. You can run most scripts that require wget with the lynx or curl command. The latest update of mod_security and php updates will prevent lynx and curl from working if a user agent is not set.

Below is the command to set the user agent:

curl --user-agent YOUR_STRING (URL) 
lynx -dump -useragent=YOUR_STRING (URL)
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