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How to Restore Files using Site Backup

Restoring your website file and database backups has been made quicker and easier with Site Backup. This automated feature ensures that your business continues even during online mishaps.

To restore your files with Site Backup, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Click My Account at the top of this page.
Step 2. Select Account Manager from the drop-down list.
Step 3. Enter your username and password, then click Log In.
Step 4. Click Web Hosting from the top menu.
Step 5. Select the website whose backup you wish to restore.
Step 6. Scroll down to Site Backup and click Manage.
Step 7. You will be redirected to the Site Backup Dashboard.
Step 8. Under Websites or Databases, click on the Restore Files/Database button next to the profile you want to restore.
  The Restore Files/Database button in Siteplus
Step 9. Select the Date of the backup you want to restore from the drop-down list.
Step 10. Look for the specific file under Directories.
Step 11. Tick the box beside the files you wish to restore.
Step 12. Once done, click on the Restore Files button beside the selected Date.
  The Restore Files/Database button in Siteplus
Step 13. From the drop-down list beside Restore To, select where you would like the backups to be restored.
Step 14. Tick the box beside By checking this box, I agree to replace any existing files with this restore.

Important Note: Restoring the selected files will OVERWRITE existing files. There will be no more warnings. Once the Restore has started, it can no longer be stopped.

Step 15. Once done, click Restore.

Congratulations! You just restored your files using Site Backup.

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