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How to Delete FTP Users

An FTP account allows a user to access website hosting files. If you are the owner of a website, you have the option to create multiple FTP accounts. And designate each account with selective access to directories within your domain. You can also have the option to delete FTP users. This is helpful if they are no longer connected to a certain project for your domain. Or deleting the FTP user’s account for any unwanted access. Read through this article to learn how to delete FTP users in your hosting account.

Important: If you wish to ONLY terminate an FTP connection, you can do so by following the steps in this linked guide.

How to Delete FTP Users

Deleting an FTP user can only be available once you’ve set up FTP users in your domain. We recommend saving a backup copy of your files before following the steps below to delete FTP users via your Hosting Manager

Step 1. Access your Hosting Manager.
Step 2. Scroll down to Files tab, then click the FTP Accounts option.
FTP Accounts option in cPanel via Hosting Manager
Step 3. Scroll down to the FTP Accounts section and then click on the Delete option of the FTP account you want to delete.
delete option link for FTP Accoun
Note: (Optional) Check the Delete User’s Home Directory if you wish to delete all files under FTP account’s home directory. Otherwise, leave it unchecked.

If the home directory of the selected FTP user is mapped to the public_html folder, selecting this option will delete the contents of the website.

Step 4. Click the Delete button. This will delete the selected FTP user’s account.
delete button on deleting ftp acccount users

To find out more about other setups to your FTP, read through our Getting Started guide for FTP Setup & Access. Please let us know if you need any further assistance, or if you have any questions. We’d love to help!

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