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How to Add Products in Top4

In online marketing, it’s important to know how to present your products or services. That’s why using the right platform and tools is crucial to achieve your goals.

Top4, as a modern online business directory, is here to up your online presence by helps you in all areas in providing an easy-to-navigate platform for you to promote your brand. It showcases what your business offers, including all your products and services, to targeted audience – all in one place.

Top4 is here to help you increase engagement with your customers, while decreasing unnecessary advertising costs.

Start by adding products in Top4 via Domain Listing. Follow the steps below.

Step 1. Access your Top4 Account.
Step 2. On the left-side menu, click Products, then click the Add Products option.
add products option left-side menu in Top4
Step 3. On the Add a Product section, enter the corresponding details to the following:
Product Name Enter the name or title of your product.
Assign to your listing Enter the listing or post you want to associate with your product.
Image Upload the image of your product.
Category Select the category where the product is listed.
Sub Category Choose a tag that is more specific to the product listing.
Suburb Enter the local city/suburb where your product is offered.
Country Select the country where your product is offered and is available.
State Enter the state where the product is offered.
Post Code Enter the post code where your product is offered.

Note: Do not use P.O. Box post code.

SKU Enter the Stock Keeping Unit for the inventory and tracking of your product.
Price Enter the price of your product.
Summary Provide a brief description of the specifications of your product.
Description Enter a more detailed information about your product.
Link to Buy You can use this option to add a direct link to where they can buy your product.
Keywords Add keywords that are relevant to your product listing.
add products information field in Top4
additional products information field in Top4
Step 4. Click the Submit button.

After adding the product, you’ll be routed to your Manage Your Products page.

successfully added products in Top4

On this page, you have the option to Add a new product, Edit your product details, and Preview the product to see how it looks like to your audience online. You also have the option to put your product on Pause if it’s no longer available or if the production is on hold.

However, with all your competitors doing the same, simply adding products to your business profile is not enough in boosting your online presence. So, we highly encourage you to add more details about your products or services by posting more content about them.

For questions or assistance in adding products in Top4, please contact our support team.

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