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How many pages can I create in Sitebeat?

Sitebeat is a modern website builder platform that is very easy and quick to use. It allows you to create a site for your own domain name, with no technical skills or coding required. In essence, Sitebeat makes it absolutely possible for anyone to create their own website.

Additionally, all our Sitebeat plans include an unlimited number of pages. This means that you can create and add as many pages as your website needs.

Once logged in to your Sitebeat account, all your projects will appear on the Sites page. Simply hover your mouse pointer over the project that you wish to manage and click Edit.

To add pages to your website you can click on the Pages tab from the left-side menu, click Add, then click Page. From here you can choose to add a Blank page, a Duplicate page, or a page from a Template that you like.

Customise all your pages to bring your website to life.

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