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How Do I Get the WordPress Home Path To Transfer From Another Hosting Provider

Transferring your WordPress site to a new WordPress hosting can easily be done with the help of the automatic migration tool. All you have to do is enter the necessary information to allow your new hosting provide to access your site and then authorise the transfer.

One of the data needed for the migration is your WordPress home path.

Here’s how you can get it if you want to migrate files via FTP:

If you want to use FTP connection to migrate your website files, you will need to specify the relative path to the directory where the website files are stored. For example, if you want to migrate a WordPress site from cPanel, in most cases you will need to use the path /public_html. If your website files are stored in other folder, please specify the actual relative path to them.

If you want to migrate files via SSH/SFTP, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Create a file with name "example_name_of_script.php" that contains the following:

    <?php echo dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']); ?>

    You can use another name, but the extension of the file need .php.
  2. Access your File Manager.
  3. On any of your FTP Manager, log in to the server and go to the directory where your WordPress is located.
  4. Upload the file, "example_name_of_script.php", there.

    Note: WordPress home directory is typically inside public_html or httpdoc folder.

  5. Once uploaded, open http://yourdomainname/nameofyourfile.php and you will see your WordpPress site's home path.

Congratulations! You just located your home path.

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